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New MacGyver

My comments is, "That's a very long hair."
and they really should insert MacGyver's old opening bgm somewhere in that trailer.
It would make the trailer more epic.
As it is, I'm not sold on it.
And someone decided that the trailer is dull, so he made a better one:

Much better!
Redoing the trailer is nice and all, but the official trailer is probably closer to how the series is going to be portrayed. So, like the new Ghostbusters movie (which I dislike simply because none of it seemed all the funny to me), I'm going to be pessimistic about it until proven otherwise.
Show will probably be fine. Not enough dirt based, outside areas and nowhere NEAR enough mullet. But the show will probably be fun enough.
I expect one season before being cancelled.
Now if we could get an A-Team show using the dudes from the movie, I can die a happy man.
You mean you want Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith?!?
He's the least perfect guy to play Hannibal. XD

Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna wait and see how this new MacGyver turns out, before passing judgment. I did like the original afterall.
So it's happening! I used to hear a rumor on Fb about a remake.

So far he looks like he has the same wise-ass attitude, His skinny physique does justice to the only 80's hero whose fist hurt after punching a guy. (surprising he can take-out bad guys with one punch on quite a number of occasions)

I miss Pete though.. And more importantly, the 80's hairdo. But I understand the old do won't sell so...sigh.

Pirate Bay soon.. Ahr, Matey!

Edit: I liked the first trailer. I think the music had me sold. They didn't dare do any rescoring. If I was rich and they're a restaurant, I'll tip them all hundred bucks each.
Edit2: The CSI guy should have been Pete instead since he's gained a few pounds after I last seen him.
Edit3: Lol
Edit4: And just as bald... hahahaha!!
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Hey guys, MacGyver episode 1 already aired ff you know where to look. Big Grin
As you know, Pete is now female. I still prefer the old Jack Dalton. Has much more... personality.

There's also a new Lethal Weapon TV series... with Damon Wayan as Murtaugh. Hmmm.

Edit: But more importantly...

MacGruber 2 is in the works!

Anyone watched the first MacGruber? They deliberately made everyone act as serious as possible if they're not named "MacGruber". XD
Hey since you already brought it up, why no make Lethal Weapon thread? It is one of my most favorite action-comedy movies of all time. Always make me laugh

Is the first ep of new MacGyver finished with a single story/mission or to be continued? Cos I don't wanna be left hanging when I watch it.
Mega Nutrients
It's finished in one episode.
There's of course, the episode 2 hook.
Personally, I think this new MacGyver has too many technobabble.

I haven't watched Lethal Weapon yet.
Surely you must mean you "haven't watched the NEW Lethal Weapon" and you have seen the old one?
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