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GaoGaiGar vs Betterman
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you GaoGaiGar vs Betterman, in English!
Online manga:

GGGG finally uses the Galeolia Road:

[Image: 209qaeq.jpg]
Mamoru and Kaido pilot GaiGo which combines with Stealth Gao II, Liner Gao II, and Drill Gao II to form GaoGaiGo.

Earth's GGG organization is now called Gutsy Global Guard.

Porc-Auto now has his own Gun Machines, Gun Shepper and Gun Hawk. They combine into Big Porc-Auto.

New Ryu series robots are ShoRyu, GetsuRyu, and NichiRyu. The latter two are female, transform into trucks and combine into SeiRyuJin. ShoRyu is male and transforms into a fighter jet and combines with SeiRyuJin to form ShoSeiRyuJin.

Bionet is still a threat and are now using Imitation Zonder cores.

Main enemy is Overlord. It's the source of The Power that is revealed to be the one who brought the Zonder to Earth. It takes control of the lost GGG units turning them into Hakaioh Genesic, Hakaioh King J-Der, Hakai GoldyMarg, Hakai GenRyuJin, Hakai GoRyuJin, Hakai TenRyuJin, Hakai Big Volfogg, and Hakai Mic Sounders.
Well poop, when one battle ends another one begins huh?
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.

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