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Burning PT! (Bob Event)
I use the attacker cybuster that you can pull for 30 crystal to bring my Taiki defender cybuster to lvl 80. I have an extra attacker and when I sell it, the ss ticket did not show up. Sad
You need the same unit with the one you already Max Limit Break lvl 80 for SS ticket to show up. In your case, SS ticket will show up only if you get a new Taiki Defender Cybuster and you sell it.
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Omega Haman is released and i have no OMG Sad
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

She is pretty good core maker on arena. I don't roll her but saw someone using her to collect nearly 7-8 rainbow cores.
Pandora unit P1 is the strongest free taiki giveaway unit.
I kinda want to roll Another Gacha Nirvash because he seems strong.
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