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SRW Comprehensive Running Commentary
Stage 5A - We are the Universe's Jack of All Trades
SR: Destroy all enemies within 3 turns of the Mechanical Beasts' arrival.

This SR was actually slightly challenging; you have to make sure that you don't defeat the initial enemies on an enemy phase because otherwise you won't have enough time to defeat the rest of the enemies. Most allies don't have Lock On also so you can get screwed over by hit% luck too. But it's really not that hard.

Here's Trider G7, another bureaucracy + Super Robot anime.
[Image: ULJS00379_00020.jpg]

I feel like I should do all the routes in this game; I sort of wish I had done it for Z1. If there was a trophy for full route completion I would do it, haha.
(03-22-2016, 09:30 PM)kern Wrote: I feel like I should do all the routes in this game; I sort of wish I had done it for Z1. If there was a trophy for full route completion I would do it, haha.

Totally know that feeling! There's been so many times I've been thinking about doing something only to end up skipping it because an achievement wasn't there awarding me in the end. I don't really want to think like that, but it kind of inevitably becomes like that whether I like it or not.
Stage 6A
SR: Defeat all enemies in 5 player turns

It's Godmars time! This is the first time they've been in a voiced game (only 64 and D before). I'm always impressed by SRW's ability to get the old voice actors back for these series -- Godmars was 30 years old when Z2 came out. Some of the voice actors were pretty old (some were in their 70s) but I guess they pulled them out of retirement. Although Ishimaru Hiroya was probably used to getting called in again and again to voice Kouji, even though I think this is the first game that has a Kabuto Kouji not voiced by him. As far as I can tell, the only character they had to change the voice for was the one done by Bright's seiyuu, since he was dead. Does Zuul have a voice in this game? His VA was 81 when the game came out; he passed away in 2013 so I imagine this would have been one of his last jobs.
[Image: ULJS00379_00023.jpg]

Stage 7A
SR: Defeat all enemies by 4PP, Geru last

[Image: ULJS00379_00024.jpg]

Stage 8A
SR: Defeat the initial enemy and first reinforcements in 3 turns, Heterodyne last

Dai-guard is a fun series; you can't beat the enemies without cutting through all the red tape! It also has a good theme -- at least the SRW remix is good.

[Image: ULJS00379_00025.jpg]

Overall the game is pretty easy so far...I did have to restart a stage once, although I forget which one. I need to keep better notes and not be too lazy to write about the stages, haha.
Stage 9A

Talho and Holland are here from Eureka so it does look like what I assumed is correct; this is a new world that hasn't been joined with the others yet by the time crashes, but some people have teleported there. I'm still wondering if the two Koujis will meet. We also get a chance to meet more of the originals. They always put more originals in these series games and give them more of a presence -- it seems like in the standalone games they're often in the background and don't show up until later.

I almost failed the SR on this stage but I was able to barely do it with my last attack on the last turn. At first I thought I couldn't do it at all but I realized that the game was automatically picking Aoi's weakest attack because the enemy only had 50 HP, but the barrier blocked it.

Stage 10A
SR: Defeat the enemies in 4 turns

Guren Lagan enters the picture, a series that many people thought would never be in SRW -- I don't know the details but apparently it has a mech that's bigger than planets?
[Image: ULJS00379_00028.jpg][Image: ULJS00379_00027.jpg][Image: ULJS00379_00029.jpg]
Stage 11A
SR: Clear the stage in 4 turns

This is another one I had to start over on -- I almost beat it but one of the enemies moved towards the ship instead of attacking. I think this is the first ship in any SRW game that has no weapons. But on the second try I was able to beat the stage on the PP.

Good old Hiyama, voicing another enemy. Is his grunt enemy still around for this game?
[Image: ULJS00379_00032.jpg]

Stage 12A
SR: Defeat the initial enemies in 3 turns

Easy SP, but the dimensional beasts are getting harder and harder. I always forget they run away early so you don't always have to beat every one. But this was still a tough stage.

Now I'm going to back to stage 2 and see the other routes.
Stage 3B

Haha, Crow gets put into jail in this route too -- he doesn't have much luck with the suspicious power groups. It's also nice to see Gundam W in its regular form. Endless Waltz is in the franchise so often but the regular series gets overlooked. It's not clear what Oz's position in the world is; they don't seem to be part of or allied with the Britannia Empire, who does include whatever Gundam 00's enemies were in the show.

Stage 4B

After this stage, Votoms makes its first appearance in the franchise. I'm not familiar with this series at all, but you can immediately tell the series is from the 80s just off the character face pictures. It seems interesting, and it looks like the Votoms enemies will be subsumed in the big Brittania Empire alliance they've got going.
Stage 5B

Crow gets a really raw deal here -- now Celestial Being just wants to steal data on his mech and then kill him afterwards. I don't think any other main character has been treated this poorly.

In L (at least on the routes I took) the Dancougar Nova team was already together and you never got to see their beginning, but here it starts off with them getting captured and forced into the mech. I believe that regular Dancougar is also in this game which should be interesting when they meet.
[Image: ULJS00379_00036.jpg]

Stage 6B&Stage 7B

Celestial Being seems kind of silly; it's like 5 Gundams against everyone -- maybe it seemed more sensible in the anime because you didn't have 10 different enemy factions plus tons of Super Robots, etc.

Change! Getter Robo is treated differently in this game than in D; in D Saotome was an enemy and the GR people were fighting against him. But here he's trying to convince the world to join together to fight the Invaders, but when they don't, he sents the GR team to Celestial Being (since they're already trying to wreck the world).
[Image: ULJS00379_00038.jpg]
> The only character they had to change the voice for
Zambot 3 and God Sigma have different voice actor's.

> Gurren Lagan enters the picture, a series that many people thought would never be in SRW
Why did People think that?

> I'm still wondering if the two Kouji will meet.
I read a fanfic that had Mazikaiser Kouji and Shin Koji. They were quite awesome together.
They would call each other "Other me."

> I don't think any other main character has been treated this poorly.
Calvina in J, was treated quite poorly after everyone died and then NERGAL was begging her to come on the Nadesico. And They she was forced out of retirement to pilot a robot. After which she went on a quest for revenge. That and Masato(Zeorymer) and the Federation wanted to steal data on her mech and kill her awards.

I am so hyped for Moon Dweller's

> Celestial Being seems kind of silly, it's like 5 Gundams against everyone
Z2 Lore wise Full Metal Panic's Mithril are running around and doing stuff. While not on CB side (Kurz and Lockon have sniper duel's at this point in the game) they are in directing helping CB out. Both are trying to stop a War.
Although 00F isn't the game, I think it's fair say they are helping CB just like in the anime.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Gurren Laggan would have been hard to do due to its end, but they managed it quite well

about Celestial Being, its not really that more sensible in the anime the idea is that 5 Gundams vs everyone, but on their show they are the most powerful individual units and the better pilots its sorta like wing, latter on the end of S1 things get rather interesting when the enemy units actually catch up on technology

S2 its a little weak due to 00 Gundam being too powerful but its a good ride

well i will say that Setsuko surfer a lot more than Crowe, due to the nature of the characters Crowe its a strong and determined person on his own way, and he is my predilect character of the Z series, he sure develops and i think you will like him as well

Setsuko get all the bad things happening to her on Z1 as well, and due to their different personalities she probably surfers way more than Crowe
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Stage 8B

First space stage. And here's the dual personality of Alleluia/Hallelujah -- I saw this in the unit quests of Cross Omega but at least they explain it a bit here.
[Image: ULJS00379_00039.jpg]

Stage 9B&C

These are pretty much the same as 9A and D, just from a different viewpoint, so no comments.

Stage 5C

"Two Japans" seems like a cheap way out of the complexity of all the series mixing together, but I guess it has precedent with the time/space crash worlds. Anyway, it looks like this route is focusing on Votoms, Code Geass, and Gundam W. Relena is attending the school that the Geass people are in, and the Votoms lead and some of the Brittania resistance people are battling in the ghetto for money. Heero has met Relena but hasn't told her he'll kill her yet.
[Image: ULJS00379_00040.jpg][Image: ULJS00379_00041.jpg]

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