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SRW Comprehensive Running Commentary
(03-30-2016, 10:49 AM)thebigb Wrote: > Gurren Lagan enters the picture, a series that many people thought would never be in SRW
Why did People think that?

I don't remember the specifics but I think there was a lot of problems with Konami holding the license for everything game-related to Gurren Lagann. I have no clue if the license was eventually bought or what happened to it but the hype when we heard about Gurren Lagann finally appearing in SRW was real.
Isn't there also a mech in the series that is bigger than planets, or something like that? I seem to remember that being a concern.
Kern: Without spoiling any more than that, yes there is and I can totally see that as a concern as well. I actually still haven't seen how they handled that part of GL (Gurren Lagann) but I have my guesses on how it turns out. I would guess Konami being a bigger concern though judging by their way of acting the last year(s), not even planets can keep up! ;D
They handle it well.

On the topic of multiple versions of a character, you'll see...
Stage 6C&7C

This is mostly Code Geass, which is good since Cross-Omega doesn't really give a good idea of what the story is and I've never seen the anime. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!

Also we get the classic "I'll kill you" from Heero.

Stage 8C

Geass looks pretty interesting with the court intrigue plus giant mechs, and of course BURUAAAAAAAAAA!

Once again like they do with Evangelion, SRW does a pretty good job of fixing things, the latter portion of the second season of Code Geass IMO turned into a pretty big ass train wreck.
Stage 10B

Time for Macross Frontier. How do we use a series that takes place far away from Earth, in a future time period where Earth has been laid waste by a big war? Just have them come through a dimensional portal into a parallel world. That's what they did in L and it's pretty much the same thing here too. I don't remember how Macross 7 was brought into the story in D, but I imagine it was a similar situation. The Alpha series is the only one where they could actually use the "real" Macross story but even then they had to resort to dimensional warps to get the Macross 7 people back to Earth.
[Image: ULJS00379_00042.jpg]

Although, all I can think of now for Macross Frontier is the "Macross Excite" series of nicovideo uploads, where a group redubbed some episodes using a script generated by Excite auto-translator from Japanese->Chinese/Korean->Japanese. They did episode 5, the second half of the last episode, and a few other scattered episodes.
Stage 11B

This stage has a funny scene with the heroes trying to sneak into Macross Quarter to get information -- they try to have Alto do a survey but Michel pulls him away. Heero wonders if they should kill him, and Setsuna manages to play a desparate student. Then Crow wants to get Sheryl's autograph so he can sell it.

Stage 12B

And more Macross Frontier stuff, to bring everyone together -- now all the forces so far are converging on Earth to form our usual big team. Although this game has more secretive and uncooperative groups than any other game. It's hard to see Dancougar Nova, Celestial Being, Lelouch's rebellion, and the Colony Gundams working together.

Back to the unified route now.
> Dancougar Nova, Celestial Being, Lelouch's rebellion, and the Colony Gundams working together.

WILL and Celestial Being did form an alliance. There is a reason why Team D is with CB for this entire game.
Lelouch wants to use CB.
Colony Gundam mission was to help Area 11, Operation Meteor did take CB into account.

D Macross history was part of the world. Getter pilot's where friends with Max.
OE Frontier is part of the core world.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Stage 13

Everyone is working together, although still suspicious and with half the groups willing to kill everyone if they do anything wrong.

The "two Japans" thing also seems like a cheap way to get Code Geass in with the series that take place in a "normal" Japan. Although I guess they haven't done this kind of thing before so it is interesting to see the Geass people's reaction to this prosperous, peaceful Japan that's nearby.

Stage 14

This is the first stage where you can use the Suborder system. Since Alpha 2 the designers have been trying various things to make large rosters manageable. I thought Z1 did pretty well with the Tri System, which was a big improvement on the squads of the Alpha series. Suborder is less successful; I don't know why they didn't use the tri-system again -- I don't think system limitations can explain it. Suborders are pretty transparent as just a "hey yeah, we have too many people in the game, here's some free XP/money/PP to offset that." I guess since the money you get is based on the level of your people you send out, it makes sense to swap team members around frequently.

This is a tricky SP. Gurenn Lagan can take care of all the mechabeasts on its own except for the boss, but Kallen's attacks are very strong and I was able to beat the boss with just her, two Getter Beams, and a final attack from Lagan. The rest of the team went for the dimension beasts. I lost 4 guys but did manage to complete the SP.

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