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Azur Lane
First the game was announced, and just now during the 1 year anniversary stream, they revealed an anime

I'm curious how this will play out. It's being done by an entirely new studio, however the producer/dirctor (also the founder of this new studio) and the writer are veterans of the industry and have good records. 

Tensho, the director is actually really good at action scenes as well as adapting novel and game stories into animes, much better then the normals.

Quoting a friend at the guild,

Quote:Director: Tensho (Has a good record of transfering game to anime and knowing what to cut and what to keep)
His work as director, he has other history in alot of other serie before.
きんいろモザイク 2013年
グリザイアの果実 2014年
ハロー!!きんいろモザイク 2015年
グリザイアの迷宮・グリザイアの楽園 2015年
Rewrite 2016年

Script: Jin Haganeya (Nitroplus's other next to Gen Urobuchi, he specialize in hotblooded kamen rider plot, and mahou shoujo Nanoha type magical girl stuff)

This is technically his first script for a anime, all his other story are for game and novel.

Animation: Bibury Animation Studios (New anime studio founded by Tensho)
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I don't know if I should get excited.
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