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[Image: arrow.jpg]

Currently watching Arrow on Netflix. At season 1 episode 9, I'm still not happy. I'll reserve my opinions til after I finish season 1
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I've watched Season 1 to 3, I plan to watch Season 4 soon, as well as Season 2 of Flash.
I like the show, Arrow has become one of my favorite Super Hero's.

If you don't like Arrow, you have to watch the Flash. Season 1 of Flash takes place during Season 3 of Arrow.

Cast from both Arrow and Flash interact with each other.
Arrow is dark and scary while Flash is light and happy.

A Good Point to get into Flash is after Episode 9, Season 2 of Arrow, but by then you would have loved Barry Allen and want to watch Season 1 Flash. While you can just know that Flash Season 1 happen's during Season 3 of Arrow, not 2.
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I laughed at the season 4 finale.  It was like a TV version of
Spoiler Show
The Dark Knight Returns

The Flash's season finale was a little better but not by much.
So... I been done with season 1 since last week. Currently at S2E05.

I'll start with the ugly point in season 1 - very boring. It wasn't until halfway trough that I felt like "I have to watch the next episode" which supposedly is the point for a TV show with continuous story line. Boring because they chose to stretch story progression between present time, flashbacks and multiple characters that I was already past fifth episode before I felt like the show got anywhere plot-wise.
Second, the acting felt like one for soap operas for lack of body language, plot twists and poor portrayal of emotions. They should have had the actors "go for it" instead of the usual neck swaying, nods and prolonged eye-contact. But then by season 2, I understood that when you get the hang of it, you get to feel more of the drama when characters start pouring tears.

Now, the good points. I wasn't impressed by the acting but for Det Lance, Diggle and Mom particularly stood out. They didn't feel dead like the rest of the actors (reminds me of Maria Ozawa's porn acting). That and the occasional BS stories they fed Felicity took back some of the boring points. It started becoming good around episode 14, I can no longer play the show while cooking cos by then I gotta be standing or sitting anywhere I can hook my sights to the TV. Show got better pacing cos the slow start is finally paying off. Both island and city scenes were exciting and transitioning between the two was the magic that will make you want more of the show.

The final 4 episodes of the season was awesome. I had tears well up by the final episode. I knew Det Lance's actor was good, he got to me. The drama in season 1's finale became the backbone for Season 2. The transition felt continuous, I still get the feels til around episode 3 before they started branching to new story lines.

Btw, where's the spoiler button? Can't seem to find it where it used to be...

Edit: lol @ "point" pun not intended

Edit2: whenever I think soap acting I always remember Joey Tribianni
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I missed posting about season 2 and 3.

Lol I'm actually half-way trough season 4. Show just kept getting better I couldn't concentrate on any computer game the past few days. All I wanted to do during free time is watch Arrow. The show has gotten too good compared to other super hero series so far.

Aside from not having too many loonies and lack of a fortified mental institution guarded by low-ranking policemen, Arrow has everything a would-be Batman series should have PLUS some things that can't fit in a Batman show like drama and shit. They have an Arrow family as opposed to a Bat family, Quentin Lance for a James Gordon, they even have their own Oracle, an illegitimate child, a wife in the League of Assassins, a playboy who has practically screwed all the female cast (except his sister. gross! eww!)... Then the cameos - It's like he's already got a mini-JLA. He IS a toned-down Batman haha.
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2 days after I finished watching season 4 from "other" sources, Netflix made it available. Anyways, I believe Season 3 is best, followed by season 2, then 4 and 1 respectively. Season 4's fillers felt like well, fillers. And there's only one thing in the flashback scenes that had important significance for the main story line, they could have done it in 2 or 3 episodes. 

Also, one of the things I hate most in shows is when a supporting character is making a big fuss about something understandable/explainable the main character did like lying and keeping secrets. Arrow had too much of that from season 1-4. For a bunch of people doing heroic deeds, they sure can be sensitive, insensitive, selfish bitches. I know they need it to give the bad guys some leverage by causing internal conflict with the good guys but it's too redundant it feels like the writers aren't even trying to come up with ideas.

But all in all, it was good and engaging storytelling. And it's rare for me to be tempted to re-watch a show since there are still good ones I haven't seen yet and I almost always crave playing games instead.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars =)
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Finally, I found time to sit down and watch Season 4. I'm Enjoining this Season.
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