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Super robot taisen stream 11th October
There's a new SRW stream coming up on the 11th October 21:00-22:00 (japanese time). Any wishes for this one?

Personally, a new switch announcement for a new title is among the things I most would want to get.

Edit: Forgot the link:
While Switch is likely I doubt it'll be for just that, maybe Switch/PS4 cross release.
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you've been staked.
The video description clearly stated that the stream would be Cross Omega and merchandising related.

If they were going to announce a new SRW on stream, they would make a bigger deal out of it.
Aw well, hope dashed, maybe we'll see something around Christmas.
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you've been staked.
Eeewww Cross Omega related... really should have read that through a little more precisely. Well then, off to other things!

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