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Super Robot Taisen V
does this game have the horrible squad system from Z3?
Nope! Single Units!
(07-22-2017, 08:47 PM)GigaHero Wrote: Nope! Single Units!

It's a nice step back to the old days before squad systems took over, it's a refreshing switch.
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you've been staked.
I managed to finish the game only yesterday night. It was quite the experience. I got all the SRs, the true ending and all the secret units except Jill.
But the best part was being able to follow the story and the evolution of the characters.
I knew only partially the various plots so it was nice seeing how they interacted. I did not like how they concluded the plot for FMP duing the last stages, but in the end everything was really cool.
I hope the translation wasn't something related only to the anniversary. Let's wait for the new chapter on console!
Yep, I'll definitely continue to buy and play the series so long as it's translated like this.
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I tried to play this again today but when I first ran it, it DLed version 1.03. The game runs, but it won't load any of my saves. It says I'm missing content. I popped on my Singpore account and redownloaded the 4 DLCs I had when I was playing originally, the first bonus scenario, the beginners pack, and the other 2 freebies. Returned to my NA account, loaded the game, and still the same problem. Something else odd is that I can't find those 4 items in the store seperately, only under my own items.

I tried starting a new game but once I got to the stage 1 intermission, it said I was missing stuff though it did allow me to save. Do I have to fully delete the game off my PS4 HD then try reinstalling/redownloading it? Version 1.03 mentions something about DLC and replay bonuses and there is a new DLC available on the Singapore PSN store for 13.90... but if that's required to reload my old saves, that's some shady shit. >.>
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Make sure your Singapore account has it set so that theveryone ps4 is set as its primary ps4. Otherwise Content can't be used by other accounts.
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I think that's the issue, Neppy. Originally I didn't have a PS4 so both my NA account and the Singapore account were tied to my roommate's PS4. When I got my own PS4 and transfered things over, I think I only made my NA account as primary on my PS4. I think the Singapore one is still primary on my roommate's.

There does seem to be one work-around for that, and that's to log in the Singapore account then switch users and also log in my NA account. With both logged in, I can use the content without making the Singapore account as primary.
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