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Super Robot Taisen stream Nov. 19
Z3 had its problems but I still enjoyed it and Z3 part 2 was a improvement compared to part 1, but it could also be that we are getting older and that these games don't have as much impact compared to a decade ago on the PS2 when we were younger and more excited for things. That is the case for mecha games in general too.

Z3 took a long time to come out and Banpresto made a mistake by cutting corners and not making a proper PS3 traditional SRW game. Although it was also the 1st time they were transitioning over to actual HD which is very expensive from PS2/PSP to PS3.... The only SRW game that was actually developed well on the PS3 was OGs 2nd... and that game was reused completely for Moon Dwellers, but that wasn't as bad because OG games have a bigger budget to play with due to not having to deal with licensing compared to regular SRW games.
(11-08-2018, 12:03 PM)DragoEnovy09 Wrote: Well, if the Solis team does get in, I hope they have actual personalities this time around. Course, that won't be for another 1-2 OG games down the line (and that's not counting Gaiden-type games).

OG is going to do the same thing to them as every other character - remove all their personality traits and leave them completely 1 note. And they were already one note.

(11-08-2018, 04:08 PM)yazi Wrote: The only SRW game that was actually developed well on the PS3 was OGs 2nd...

...which was reusing assets from OGG all over the place and took 5 years to make, getting delayed constantly.
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(11-08-2018, 03:54 PM)Constraint Wrote: I'm telling you.. they made a mistake stretching out the Z series. I feel like that jaded a lot of the fanbase.

They've really hurt the franchise by that stupid strategy. Judging by the last 2 releases V & X they are somewhat trying to expand the sales to the international market while keeping the franchise in a more basic format I'm not sure if this will affect the licensing for the series list.
I am glad they went the extra mile to get a really legit translation on X, on top of doing these releases at all. Of course, when it comes to the international market at large, I'm reminded of this one article, regarding sales of SRW V

Quote:The game was less well received in the West. Yet Transformers keep receiving new series entries, and Marvel superhero movies are very popular, so they think they can gain some hints from that angle of thought.

And all I can think is, "Well no SHIT, because technically IT DIDN'T COME OUT OVER HERE!!" - like, there hasn't been an official SRW release in Western countries for a decade, what do you think is gonna happen??

I mean, this is followed by "They would like to create a bit more content aimed towards regions outside of Asia, and see how it is received"...but who knows if that'll ever happen?

Well, whatever. If the next one also gets an English release with a good translation, I'm obviously not gonna complain.
A game that wasn't advertised in that country and they are surprised it didn't sell well in the country?

Hopefully, the next SRW has an English release.
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The problem with SRWZ games was the PS3, it was a very difficult console to develop and the team clearly had issues with making SRW games for that console, at that time PS3 was the only viable console after the PS2 for SRW games, not only that to make a profit they had to make the games for Vita too which also hindered their development. Maybe now with the PS4 easier architecture and the Switch being super popular, we can get even an even better game than the original SRWZ these two consoles (Pref. switch).

Also the SRWU/BX teams have been dormant for a while... this is me wishfully thinking that they have been learning unreal engine and learned a few things from Arc systems and give us a 2d/3d SRW with amazing animations... yeah right... highly doubtful lol
The BX/UX dev team, AI, did the FMP game which was a hilarously low budget (Most of it probably went to VA, considering everything's voiced) It did introduce the Arquebus and Laev Unit 2 though. Plus those Alt endings.
Like the entire Nami thing and the Maid Cafe end. Oof. Glad they had fun with it.
(11-09-2018, 10:25 AM)Devilman Wrote:
(11-08-2018, 03:54 PM)Constraint Wrote: I'm telling you.. they made a mistake stretching out the Z series. I feel like that jaded a lot of the fanbase.

They've really hurt the franchise by that stupid strategy. 

That was the stupidest thing to do, i totally agree (that and the long time it took them to finish the Z Saga).

They should've restarted the whole story and released a whole new trilogy for the PSP (based on the original Z game), that would've done wonders to the whole thing.
I wouldn't completely blame them for what happened with Z, Due to the hardware at the time they were forced to develop for the PSP first to keep the momentum then work with the PS3 is known to be a horrible console to develop for due to its "Cell" tech. which in the end hurt them both visually and money wise. Z was supposed to be similar to Alpha series but due to hardware changes you can see how they had to divide the games into different parts and remove gameplay aspects that were beneficial due to the limitations imposed by the PS3/PSP
Not sure if this is good/bad or means anything but on the livestream link it says that the stream is only 1 hour long.. different from the 2 hour length indicated on the website.

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