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Hathaway's Flash.
I'm assuming they'll probably tweak things to make it work.

Although if they have some Endless Waltz style flashback retcon shit, then lol
Its not that hard to change things around to fit this new Hathaway's Flash to the anime version of CCA. Hathaway is still haunted by the events of CCA, given he still saw Quess die and that he killed a ally. Most of the events of Beltorchika's Children is the same as the anime version of CCA with the main differences being:

Amuro having a child with Beltorchika.
Hathaway killing Quess by accident.
Amuro and Char having more powerful mobile suits.

And the only other aspect that is confirmed different about this anime version of Hathaway's Flash is that it takes place in UC 103 rather than UC 106. Why the 3 years difference I don't know. It will have nothing to do with Zeon aside from referencing previous events since in UC 100 Zeon is fully absorbed back into the Federation. So the republic of Zeon is fully gone now. The only big remnants that are left at this time period are Mars Zeon but that is a manga so it doesn't exactly count as Sunrise usually only considered anime works canon unless its a alternate take on things like a few things in Gundam Evolve or the Zeta movies.
Well ... the purists would probably kill me for that but I admit I wouldn't mind some change. The original story was pretty much
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just a long windup to kick two people in the balls, one of them fatally. And that thing with Hathaway and his last vision of Quess was pretty much insult to injury -.-

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