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SD Gundam Sangoku Soketsudan
I don't know if any of you remember an SD Gundam series by the name of SD Gundam Sangokuden. (Well, you might if you've played SRW UX.) But for those who don't know, Sangokuden was a lose adaption of Romance of the Three Kingdoms that was first released as a manga in 2007 and later was adapted into an anime in 2010. I bring that up because for Gundam's 40th Anniversary, they are creating another work based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms and placing it more in the modern era. I know it's going to be some sort of media project, but nothing outside of that. I'm personally interested to see what they could do in this more modern setting.

Link to the official site in English.
I posted the trailer below.

"Return to 'zero'!!"

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