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SD Gundam G Generation Crossrays
Considering it has Systems developed in UC the Phoenix Gundam is associated with UC too but it's in so there's still a chance for originals I think. Though I admit I expect DLC too at best.
PV 2 trailer. Release date is confirmed for 11-28-2019. Pretty much around the same time that the previous game, Genesis came out in 2016.. As usual there is the Premium sound version that is likely JP only again for obvious reasons.

But there is a preorder bonus, a port of the Monoeye Gundam game and a DLC code for the Monoeye Gundam itself, Sisquiede as a extra unit in the game, only Titans colors it seems. Although it wasn't that great of a unit from what I saw in Genesis but it might help with earlier stages.
Cross Rays will be fun.

Replaying Overworld I want to finish it before it comes out.
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Saw the trailer last night (Rie was going crazy for it). Overall infinitely better then Genesis. Already know who my main ship is going to be. Luckily since this is AU there's far more usable units then G Gen Seag Genesis where you basically just spam a ship full of Unicorns.
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I doubt the Monoeye Gundam game is going to be included in the Asian Eng version cause they'd have to translate that... Plus it would be kind of a pain including it in the Asian Switch version cause of the lack of dedicated region from Nintendo unless they go the SRW T route and including it as a free update like the preorders for that game.

Ships wise... I'll stick to Minverva and Ptolemeios Kai for my party. I still hate the Archangel/Team Superfriends because of Seed Destiny but I have no choice to use that as a guest unit in Destiny stages cause it'll follow the anime routes like in G Gen Portable.
Yeah, I'm glad to see my November prediction panned out. That mention of August early on just seemed much too weird to me.
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