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SD Gundam G Generation Crossrays
Another G Gen is all right by me, but I still have tons of stuff left to do in Genesis.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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I think Genesis took me about 100 or so hours to complete. But at least the last 20 were probably just grinding EXP for the last trophy to the point on multiple sessions I literally feel asleep from boredom.

I'd be cool with the new G Gen but Even if it adds in AUs which I care for much more then the same UC copy paste units, I still want some sort of original story like the old days. It's the same problem as Xenoverse where I don't care for having to go through the same boring old classic stories for the 100th time.
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New SD Gundam G Gen Game announced call Cross Rays. More info will be available tomorrow. Its looks like its a followup game to Genesis, looks like the same engine and even says after GENESIS. Console game. AU Gundam confirmed.
Title is SD Gundam G Generation Crossrays as many expected. It's schedualed for PS4 and Switch

EDIT: Sources are stating an Asia English release as well is scheduled.

Also something to bring up is it's apparently ONLY going to have 4 AUs in it. Wing, 00, SEED and IBO. No G, X, etc.

The videos been taken off of Bandai Channel now. Someone basically screwed up as it was never supposed to hit Youtube until tomorrow night, and tonight it was scheduled to debut in the base camps in Gundam Battle Operation 2.
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UC might be in it too since the statment says after Genesis 4 NEW WORLDs will cross...

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According to 5ch it is, and everything from Genesis will remain. They just meant the 4 new worlds as in SEED, 00, IBO and Wing because the UC stuff is old and they didn't to be shown in the teaser beacuse they didn't want to think it was just Genesis with only 4 series thrown in and wanted to give the AUs the attention.

There was already leaks going on but the video itself already stating in english that it's early gamepaly footage by default means we're getting an Asia English version again.

I lvoe G generation for the freedom it gives of using anyone in anything, but if we're only getting 4 AUs I'll probably wait until the next game or it hits the bargain bin. Just like the World series, The first game was UC only, the 2nd one was mostly UC with a few AUs thrown in, and the next Genesis game will most likely be the actual major one with the ton of AUs in it.

That and the fact that SRW T is going to be insane sorta kills a lot of the thrill for this.
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(01-21-2019, 01:33 PM)Top Nep Wrote: 4 new worlds as in SEED, 00, IBO and Wing

what the fucking fuck, really
We don't know if its just those series or the series associated with their worlds....

For Wing it could be both TV series and EW.

Seed might also include Destiny/Stargazer/Astray.

00 might have both TV seasons and movie...

IBO both seasons?

All of the UC stuff from Genesis is still in. So its pretty much a crossover with 5 different worlds judging from the description.

It could be like G Gen DS games where there was a lot of actual crossover stuff with more original scenarios, compared to the mostly straight forward stages with some insert breaks from other series like in the latter PS2 and PSP games... I'm hoping for actual original plot this time too, atleast better than the meh stuff from World and Overworld... but that likely isn't going to happen.
Yeah, I don't doubt that if they're covering all the SEED stuff including the bazillion Astrays and side stories and MSV, and the 00 stuff, and whatever IBO had, and maybe even some of that screwy Wing stuff, that's plenty of work right there.

But, still, that means focusing on allll the stuff I don't personally care about first. What about ME?? Meh! Watch, they'll take out G-Self as a bonus unit while they're at it because they hate me so much!! ;_;
G-Self might still be a playable/unlockable unit in the game, since it was already part of Genesis albeit post game extra like Dark History Turn A.

Well... atleast you have the single G-reco compilation movie that is coming out likely sometime later this year...

Given that majority of the units of G-Reco don't even have any profile info even in the JP Gundam wiki, I doubt they could even put most of them in a video game... G Gen atleast has info on units based on actual MS profile.

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