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How is it that only SRW does 'massive anime crossover' right?
SRW: At the end of the day, it still boils down to people piloting giant robots to fight monsters/giant robots. It's easy to mix all of that together, especially when 60% of the cast is both Gundam related and or owned by Sunrise. There's not as many variables to think about.

Any other anime not just Shounen: Every other anime even if in the same genre just has it's own set of rules. Especially when many have characters in them that are literal gods that can kill every other character in the game. Trying to mix them all together would just end up being a nightmare writing wise without seriously crippling certain characters and world settings which would annoy fans. A Shounen Jump game COULD work better with a serious cross over story but it'd have to remove certain things like Dragonaball where the characters are literally on a universally destructive level on a whim.

There was actually a magical girl cross over gain a few years back called Super Heroine Chronicle. Had Nanoha, Symphogear, and various other series that worked out alright since most characters were on similar levels. ALbeit Nanoha and Chris could basically cause destruction on par with Nukes.
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While this is mostly true i'm having flashbacks of my Diebuster/Bonta-kun squad in Tengoku here.
Symphogear was in SHC but not Nanoha. The downfall of that game is that the only face you'll recognize is just Symphogear. If they added Sailor Moon or Precure, it might stand longer.

Bamco is also okay with rule modification so if they want, they can modify/nerf the Dragon Ball characters as necessary. Honestly, as humans are portrayed as ridiculously ignorable in DB, it'll be a nice scenario to see the Z Warriors bare witness to hyperpowerful humans that could give them a run for their money (Saints, Hokuto Shinken users...)

The more I think of it, the more I think that a Super Shonen Jump Wars would benefit a similar power level rule like Justice League (anything that has Superman in it)
Well...To tell the truth, in the last years most of the SRT games had more than one problem in their plot...Anyway,there are a number of reasons why we don't have srpg with the most famous shonen series. First of all, they are extremely expensive for the licenses, and you couldn't make a decent srpg with just a couple of series. A brawling game is much less expensive than an rpg where you have to pay a lot of attention in the plot, not to tell that in the mecha genre we are talkin about short works that rarely have more than 20-30 episodes, why for moost of the shonen we have really long plot, so it would be quite difficult to integrate all the plot like with SRT
(01-22-2019, 08:37 PM)MegaMustaine Wrote: First of all, they are extremely expensive for the licenses, and you couldn't make a decent srpg with just a couple of series.

Bullshit you couldn’t.
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