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SRW 4 Koma
Any of you guys still keep the complete dra-mata translated SRW 4 komas?
Mine's not complete, and I wonder if there's a repository somewhere, or if someone is kind enough to upload it somewhere.
I wish I still had my collection... I lost all of it when my external hard-drive burned out... so much good 4-koma... even untranslated ones too...
^Oh my. That's a major loss. Sad
Nobody seems to have them anymore? T_T
Only you, apparently. I lost mine with a HD crash back in 2012.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
I have a ton of 4 Komas from back in the day downloaded direct from Chrissy's site (I think?). I'll try to upload them all when I get the chance.
^Our saviour! Big Grin
Just to confirm, this is like the stuff that was discussed in this topic a few months ago? There's a link there to some newer 4komas that I might not have.
Ah, I forgot about that one.
Ok, for record purposes, I'll post Stripe's link here.

Sadly, the SRW 4 koma isn't exactly complete there.
Well here's everything I have from back when Alpha 3 was the newest thing. Hopefully this is what everyone was looking for.
Found some of the comics I'm missing.
Thanks AceWhatever! Big Grin

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