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Twin Bird Strike
~ How To acquire Omega Arado/Seolla?

R - Use the gacha and get their regular Taiki unit, that will unlock the option for you to buy what i call the "prototype Omega Unit" for 3000 gold, you can buy infinite of these units ,if you get or Arado or Seolla, you can buy both units, however these units don't upgrade, don't level up and don't level break.
 Now take your Prototype unit and feed your Taiki unit into it, that will unlock the regular Omega version of Arado and Seolla, the final result should be something like this:

~ I can't use the Twin Bird Strike

R - You need to have Arado and Seolla on the same team, and click on the new Hisatsu icon and they will perform the the classic attack, you can do it even if you have only one of them, you can use the prototype unit in place of the real unit, however those units have lvl 1 status and just exist to make you be able to use the skill, so the only utility for this is let them on the ship take them out for the Twin Bird Strike and put them right back there immediately after.

~ Its worth?

R - If you like the units only

~ I got a Macross unit instead should i be mad?

R - utility wise no, see Sagara Sousuke translation of the skills here for all the new units.

~ Mai can you finish the damn translation this time?

R - RL get in the way of a lot of stuff now, but i will try, can't guarantee


Twin Bird Strike  (Baka Arado Event)

Arado - "Hello guys long time no see, this is a story about promises, remember to never promise what you can't do ,this is a story of one a promise" (thanks Arado ._. ....)

Part 1

Arado is part of the Lonbo Bell now, and for that he is pretty much enjoying the change on his life style, for the better while in the Cafeteria, while at it Fa appear offering him a drink that he thanks for, Isamu appears talking about how Arado is enjoying himself even tough he was a prisoner not long ago, Arado shouts to Camille that's having his meal on the nearest table, Fa ask he they know each other already since she never saw him before..

Camille explains that Arado was raised with more children and worked under the Titans remnants , they really never did much since the School got dissolved, and their state plans didn't worked for the school kids, so they had to mask what they where doing, Arado was got by Londo Bell shortly after.

Camille them continues as Arado chats that law didn't protected them and didn't worked as it should he really don't believe on this stuff, as he says that a number of them got separated and some he never heard of again, Isamu them ask if he wants to become a soldier as Camille wonders to himself that its a pretty cruel past as Arado and the other members of this project has no other path in life since they where raised to be pilots they will be fighting till they very last day, as Arado smiling confirms that he still wants to fight for something he believes, suddenly the alarm rings, Camille don't get as surprised as the other members of the crew as the msg calling everyone to battle stations is announced.

as the battle rages on Judau says that they are all around Side 4, and Amuro shouts to everyone to keep the enemy away from the colony, Wu Fei say that they are terrorists and should be dealt with fast, Heero confirms, as the battle begins, during the fight however Amuro ask where Arado is going, Fa demand him to get back this moment, as Camille ask what he is doing Arado answer that is for the sake of a promise that he is breaking battle formation

Part 2

Arado reaches the far side of the colony where he see no more ships instead he see a weapon, he say that its a giant one used on the time he passed with the crossbone vanguard guys, by that moment he hears a voice of a woman that ask him about his promise to her, he says he remembers and recognizes Seolla's voice as the attack continue.

during the battle Arado machine get a shoot, but he don't back off from the fight, after its over, Heero announces that all the enemy units where destroyed and Amuro orders a retreat but not before Lt.Isamu's rival arrives in time to help.

inside the battleship he says to Isamu that he its late due to some problems that he had on the way here, he was also adjusting his machine, Isamu is pleased to see him.

on Arado's room Camille talk him off all the irresponsible actions he toke on the battlefield, he says the he was like him that fought for promises, but that put people life in danger, Fa says that Heero and Wu Fei where also enemies on the past, its not a problem is Arado wants to join them but he must follow orders, Arado understands, he can do both things as Camille said to him and he decides that he will enter the Londo Bell corps and stay with it this time.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Thanks Mai, should help a lot of people

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