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Phantasy Star Online 2 NA!!!!
Just got revealed at the Xbox E3 presentation.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You know, it's waaaay too late.
I'm not interested in it anymore. Tongue
Pretty much. Anyone who already wanted to play it either started years ago or got the PS4 or Vita version 2 years ago. Especially since PC has had full english patches for years now.

For the most part this is only coning to North America via Xbone and Windows 10. There is currently no EU version and small rumor has it because the games already existing content (via outfits, collaborations, etc) SEGA has no plans for a western PS4 release because they already know Sony America would most likely not approve many of the female outfits, but also mainly because they wouldn't allow crossplay with Xbone. They've already barred cross play with Nintendo Switch to where they were forced to make ship blocks on each server that are Switch x PC only.

Content wise it's going to contain ALL content and be up to date with the Japanese version. The only reason episode 6 wasn't previewed in the movie was because it's so new and barely started last month, that it doesn't even have an opening movie.

As to servers, we have no real info but most likely NA will have it's own separate ships apart from JP Naturally this is bringing up various important questions such as

-Will current english JP players be able to transfer to the NA version with all our characters, money, items, outfits etc etc etc unlocked
-Will SEGA implement an IP ban again to prevent non JP ISPs from accessig the JP version
-If there are shared severs, will Sony forbid PSN users to connect to Xbone users which is most likely the case

Honestly the fact that this is happening 9 years too late is only enforcing what us JP players are thinking recently that PSO2 might be coming to it's big conclusion with this latest episode. It doesn't help the NA release is going to happen right after the current episode 6 ends.

Either way, I've spent some 3000 hours dicking aroud in this game the last few years so if I can't keep everything I've built up (mainly outfits, accessories, hair styles which are the most important part of any MMO) then there's no way I'm transfering.

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[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So apparently Phil Spencer confirmed that PSO2 guy jean edition will not be exclusive to the Xbox and PC, it's just they're getting top priority because it's only happening because he himself visited the PSO2 dev team in Japan and asked them what he had do to bring it over because he thinks it can turn into a long running franchise in the west (even though we in JP town were thinking the game is probably on it's last legs). He did confirm however that for the time being, it's only getting a NA release and no EU plans are in place.

A few other sources said that whether it comes to PS4 in the west, that's up to Sony of America and if they play ball. If SoA won't allow crossplay with Xbox for it's usual petty reasons, and starts to argue about the character creation, outfits, collaborations and overall player freedoms in the western version then the dev team doesn't plan to put too much effort into realizing the idea.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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