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Unit Review thread
Post your unit reviews here. They will be linked in this first post for easy access.

SSR 00 Raiser (Shooter)
SSR Arios Gundam (Shooter)
SSR Dix-Neuf (Defender)
SSR Eva Unit 00 (Attacker) (Summer Rei)
SSR Freedom Gundam (Attacker)
SSR Gawain (Attacker) (Summer C.C.)
SSR Getter 1 (Attacker) (Taiki)
SSR Getter Dragon (Attacker)
SSR Guren Nishiki (Shooter) (Summer Kallen)
SSR Granteed (Defender)
SSR Heinhelm (Attacker) (Olive)
SSR Heinhelm (Shooter) (Catalina)
SSR ARX-8 Laevatein (Shooter)
SSR Lancelot Frontier (Attacker) Arena Info
SSR Mazinger Z JS (Defender)
SSR Nirvash Type TheEnd (Attacker)
SSR Seravee Gundam (Shooter)
SSR Tallgeese III (Shooter)
SSR Wing Zero Custom (Shooter)
SSR Yoko M Tank (Shooter)
SSR Zegapain (Shooter) (Summer Ryoko)
SSR Zeta Gundam (Shooter)
[Image: Lancerow.png]
As our sub forum evolves Mai's reviews evolves :O so here's another of the new units, this time with more info than usual as well, i had the time since i'm done with the event and nothing to play for two or 3 days so here we go Smile

the data on numbers are done by Dangeki and my own tests runs

SSR ~ Arios Gundam
Pilot ~ Alelujah Hapthism
Series ~ OO Gundam 2nd Seasson
Event Unit ~ Yes
[Image: OyNEB99.png]

Arios is the 3rd short range shooter to be added to the game, those units tend to have attacker speed on regular attacks to make up for the short range, and tend to have more mobility than usual for shooters, its a new type of unit that requires actual a nice setting to work.

Alelujah won't be wining the race for output, its a complete normal dmg output, but i don't see this unit as a bad unit, or the bad brother of the oo units, i think its a great unit and we will arrive there, but for now, the dmg that he gets with no support coin and no upgrades on lvl 60 its that, after reducing enemies defense is of 1500 output, 1800 if full upgraded:

[Image: qmjBEsU.jpg]

Arios Hisatu is GN Twin Bean Rifle, its interesting since it applies slow on a medium change, the modifier of the hisatsu its 450% the unit base attack.

and i can't make the breakdown detailed on the dmg since i don't saw how much the dmg grow, Alelujah is a unit that you want to use on to shoot multiple enemies on a lane to make them slow and gain time, slown is a great status effect, since the enemies won't reach your units, hence don't attack.

because different from this event we won't be using shooters on other shooters but on attackers, and if attackers can reach you...

[Image: M7viUUo.png]

it uses 2 shooter cores, its not really strong, and Alelujah SSR version is just like his SR version on this,he needs a backup long range shooter, that's a no issue however since we can all buy Seravee Gundam on the E-chip garage

Focus ~ its the initial seishin and good on him, because he will be on the enemy field a lot
Guts ~ this one is great and help him survive on the field, OO Raiser have a problem to survive a lot, you need to take care, Arios can use guts to reposition himself when being swarmed.
Hot Blood ~ good for increase the dmg output of his hisatsu if you only have him as your SSR dependable shooter, otherwise take Focus or Guts.

Slow attack Lv.2   - grants the probability of applying slow on normal attacks, its a small probability
Gun fight - Attack power up, hit rate up
GN drive lvl2 - Attack power up
Brain quantum wave - ok this is a nerf TERADA why u no super soldier?, this skill its here to replace super soldier, and its a large evade up, and a accuracy up, its quite good and a good kit with Focus, however Super soldier would do wonders for this unit, but working with what we have, we have a new support coin to increase evasion, so one can say that Arios thing is sorta off dodge tank.

a decent unit, but Arios thing is the status effects and the great dodge Smile  

if you want a test run Arado from the forums is running him on the event, try all the units before blowing OMG Crystals on the OO Gatcha

Marieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee where Banpresto?

also Andy use my unit as support one time so i can make a breakdown of the dmg of the Cherrudin :O you no appear on ma list

man are you people seeing Game of thrones? its nuts garls and boys nuts!!!
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Actually, I haven't seen you showed up on my friend summon for awhile, Mai. I'll be online for the next ... 12 hours I believe. The problem of having too many friends is, that sometimes people we want got drowned from the list. We do only have 15 last logged friends on the top afterall (+5 random people).

Plus, you're usually sleeping in about 3 hours from now. Tongue
And we received a strange unit again, maybe the 2nd strongest defender of the game or maybe not.....Toya is here as a promotional material for Moon Dwellers (that we will all be playing soon) and his unit the Granteed become everyone favorite on X-Omega fast, but since this unit has some peculiarities, i decided to review it before Cherrudin

SSR ~ Granteed
Pilot ~ Touya Shiun
Series ~ Super Robot Wars Judgment
 [Image: KCEWLPo.png]  
Having a incredible power output and pretty high stats, a little thing annoyed me when i received the first copy of him, his cost its too low, he is too strong and his cost its only 19, compared to 26 of Mazinkaiser and for me that didn't really make sense, Mazinkaiser was harder to get (i only got one).. them i began to play this unit and discovered the reason for this.

in fact Granteed misses almost 50% of his attacks on units with high mobility or shorter units than himself, if he is underleveled he has problems even hitting super enemies, it don't meter how many dmg Touya can do if he can't hit, but when he hits, he hits pretty hard.

[Image: C6LwLKw.jpg]

notice that this is a attacker enemy and has type advantage if is was a shooter that damage would have surpassed 6k, however before this attack connects he missed 4 on a row, meaning that our regular defenders would have done more damage than him on that time.

Touya can do his job as a defender pretty well despise that, his skill set its pretty solid despise one skill, but luckily of course we can fix Granteed Smile


Lock on ~ you will need this one, its probably his better one, he misses too much without this, but with this on he becomes a machine of destruction, that can clean one wave for your team.

Acell ~ well... i don't really understand the issue with Banpresto and trying to make this unit move faster, its not like he needs to move faster, he needs to HIT

Hot Blood ~ our regular seishin to use with a Hisatsu

speaking of Hisatsu.

Tempest Lance do medium damage to all the enemies in range, the good thing is that he can't miss this one, and it does a pretty nice dmg regular medium dmg modifier

[Image: IA00x5Y.jpg]

and for the skills:

Attack Determination ~ this skill does a large increase in power in trade of a Overlarge decrease in hit rate.

its the first skill and there's no way out of it, and that's why Touya misses so much but there's a way to make Granteed hit constantly however this requires setup and that is:

Battleship = Eternal

Lacus skill increase hit rate and that helps a little but its not enough we need a support too, Melua can't do the job  so you have two options, you have a pretty strong team:

SR Anew Returner - Increase the hit rate and Large increase in attack power, while the ship hp is full

if you can't defend you battleship all the time and need to take this unit on very hard mission:

SSR Tieria Erde - increase on hit rate and attack power, regardless of the hp of your ship

using this you can bypass the penalty and make him hit, however it all comes with its price, Lacus its not exactly the better captain of the game, and her skill will only help a little set of units, and you have to forget Archangel Dodge bonus, or Argama attack bonus, or the defense bonus of other ships.

Granteed Hit Rate is 50%, Lacus Increase it by 10%, Tieria coin by 10%, Anew Coin by 10%, taking us to 70% hit rate

to make it safer if you have Seraphim Gundam you can deploy it, it also raises all the units hit rate by 10% them it will leave it at 80% that' the maximum that this unit can reach actually.

Patience ~ Large armor incrase
Auto Limit over ~ incrase attack power and movement speed

Guard Up ~ To balance the first skill, we have that, sometimes Touya will negate totally the dmg of a attack guarding it, the symbol "block" will appear then this happens and the unit will suffer ridiculous low dmg or no dmg at all.

so here we have it, its a unit that requires set up, or you can deploy him only against supers, or underleveled enemies, or do the setup and get the most out of him, its worth, he carried me on the lvl 90 mission after all.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Quote:Tempest Lance do medium damage to all the enemies in range, the good thing is that he can't miss this one, and it does a pretty nice dmg regular medium dmg modifier

That one isn't technically true. Mobile enemies can actually dodge the attack physically. I've missed twice attacking a mobile boss with this hissatsu. I don't mean the stationary bosses, but those who are actually moving up and down like Lancelot. Granteed readies his lance for too long before the boss move away. XD
(06-28-2016, 10:22 AM)Andy Chan Wrote:
Quote:Tempest Lance do medium damage to all the enemies in range, the good thing is that he can't miss this one, and it does a pretty nice dmg regular medium dmg modifier

That one isn't technically true. Mobile enemies can actually dodge the attack physically. I've missed twice attacking a mobile boss with this hissatsu. I don't mean the stationary bosses, but those who are actually moving up and down like Lancelot. Granteed readies his lance for too long before the boss move away. XD

lol must be rage inducing Big Grin
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

New units that will receive write ups this time: ( this post will be edited latter)

~ Cherrudin Gundam
~ Van Ein (Shatty)
~ Destiny Gundam
~ Infinity Justice
~ Luna's Zaku

everything that its not here its because:
A - Mai don't have the unit
B - Mai friends don't have the unit as well (by now i'm wondering if the Dragonar unit-1 exists for example...i saw 3 times more Infinity Justices than him)

SSR ~ Jet Scramble Mazinger (Defender)
Pilot ~ Kabuto Kouji
[Image: 3E9Ehyi.png]

Not only the first unit to receive its leader skill, but also the first unit to receive voice, not bad huh? this Mazinger was gifted by the update on a twitter campaign and its a unit that everyone have, as a SRW icon i think its was nice of them, but does Kouji do his job?

This unit its build totally around defense, and it will stay alive a long time, it has a pretty big armor and its seishins to keep it alive such as "guts", the cost its not so high, definitively i can see this unit being played for a long time.

Mazinger normal attack its not such a big deal, it does little dmg compared to units such as Granteed in one strike, however Granteed will miss more than hit, and we don't have this problem here, Kouji can still out damage shooters and trade with other defenders, probably now he will fight some fighters on good ground since he can heal himself totally

[Image: yk7oUch.jpg]

yeah you won't be gaining the Oscar for normal attacks

His hisatsu however its pretty nice,it has a high change of applying combustion to the enemy, this is the same status that Puru two funnels apply, it also does Large dmg, the area its not too good, however he is a defender and will be on the frontline most of the time
[Image: 4gEL8fT.jpg]


Guts - Middle recover

Iron Wall

Hot Blood

so we have a kit based on tanking damage, Mazinger thing is take dmg and don't die, do some dmg overtime while your other allies finish the enemy he is quite good for that, the dmg output of this unit its quite low have this in mind when using him, its not made to explode thins, just stall.


Pravail ~ 1/3 of HP left, large increase in defense and critical rate

Iron Fortress ~ Armor Up

Mazzin Power ~ defeat 5 enemies to gain a large increase on attack power, this fix his dmg output problem so you should try to do it everytime you can, on missions with lots of shooters its pretty easy to do this

Jet Scramble Dash ~ Large movement speed up.

a overall decent unit that i think that will see play on the future due to the lack of easy to acquire defenders, and i don't really like defenders that does dmg and have little hp or some other problem for their dmg output, its a reliable unit, not top tier of the defenders but a good one on times of need.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

If only the Dragonar-1 guests I used accepted my friend request , I could lend a hand in doing a review for him . Needa be able to use the Hissatsu and Seishin to fully review the unit .....
SRW X-Omega Friend Code : 133719200
SRW X-Omega IGN : EuphNiteS
Since Summer event is upon us, and Mai is on VACATION!! be happy world! summer reviews of course the rewards units as well, but since my ap only allow for so much one unit a day or so Smile

Summer Reviews episode one ~ when our swimsuit is cool but our Hisatsu's not

SSR ~ Gawain
Pilot ~ C.C. (Summer 2016)
[Image: qlF4ItY.png]

First of all i will tell you people one thing, and be with this in mind if you're using this base gatcha, if you have Lelouch and C.C. old Gawain, think if you really want to do this pull i talked before about not pulling on this before testing the units, but well i used the base gatcha, as its not as bad as it believed it would be, however have all this review in mind before trying for C.C.

This is refreshed version of Gawain with different passives and seishins to accommodate a different pilot, and while it does make it a different enough unit its simple "not enough" the investment if you already own Lulu, be happy C.C. (for some reason) its a commander character,and probably one of the best ones (maybe because in the story she is commanding the girls?)

C.C won't really gain the nobel prize on normal attacks, Gawain attacks are very slow for a attacker unit, and the dodge rate of the units its not really awesome as well. another thing that i noticed its that she has A Rank on water, all the event units have A rank on water, this is a improvement a big one, because you can use the slot to equip another part.

have in mind that she is a great unit to have around for her passives.
[Image: qUPBaDt.jpg]

Her Hisatsus are the same ones that Lelouch have.

Druid System (2 Cores) ~ Reduce attack of the enemies on area.

ok i will go straight this does NO dmg, if you never played Lelouch, this thing is a debuff, mostly used to stall for time, to recover someone on the battleship, or survive a wave of enemies when they come like flies, it also count as a debuff so you know all the units that receive bonus on dmg because of it can do great dmg on debuffed units.

Hadron Cannon (3 Cores) ~ Break trough barriers and deal damage trough all the enemies in range. (600% modifier)

while the range is great this hisatsu is costly and it don't do a lot of dmg its just regular dmg, mostly used as a wave clear than anything else, Gawain is a very old unit after all and his hisatsus received no update for C.C. , but them again you won't be using her as your main attacker.


Iron Wall ~~ bla bla, you tank dmg, it combos with her Druid System to stall for even more time, well she might need this indeed (i will arrive there)

Focus ~~ increase in aim and dodge, a good seishin to have around nowdays right? everyone blinds your units, or doge a lot, or have some ridiculous high mobility so...

Soul ~~ to help her wave clear, she really need this if you plan to use her on high level content or you won't be doing much.


and here is the fun thing about C.C. her passives are very good with a little downside...., she don't have the barrier, yeah you read it right, her boss version have it, but her playable version don't have the barrier that Lelouch unit have and it helps him survive a lot.

Conductor (lvl 1 Attackers) ~ Attack power up for all attackers on your team save for yourself, basically a weaker version of Oldrin Commmand skill, of course it stacks if you have them both. (5% attack power up, stackable with coins and other passives)

Midsummer witch ~ Attack power up for all allies other than your own and hit rate up. (5% attack power up satackable with coins and other passives)

ok this one is pretty nice, it has a hit rate up and raise attack of all types of the game, this passive its one of the best things that this unit has to offer.

Extension Druid system ~ Hisatsus stay more time on the field

Straitjacket open ~ as wave advances for all allies receives attack power up. (2% attack power up/wave on a total of 6% on regular sized maps)

this means that the simple fact that having C.C. on your party buff all of your units by the bare minimum of 7/10% if they are attackers 15%, she is the only commander in the game capable of buff status of Blasters and Fighters.

and that's it while a weak unit on her own C.C. has numerous buffs to keep her valuable on the field, however this is a unit that needs various strong units around her to keep things going, she would be a of great help on conquest mode  for example.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

And here we are for another review, this time for the unit that gave us a chance on the lvl 99 mission this time (hard mission wow..)

Summer reviews episode two ~ it toke her a yer, but she did it.

SSR ~ Guren Nishiki
Pilot ~Kallen Stadfeld (Summer 2016) 
[Image: DdLwhMi.png]

Yes Kallen is back, yet another one, more naked this time, and better than the previous one as well, before anything you should notice one thing, Summer Kallen cost its awesome for a SSR, she cost only 16, for a comparative effect her SR attacker version costs 13 to deploy, this give us more options to make teams and that's great.

She is a regular long attack shooter, and not a close ranged one, so you can use this for the regular shooter Guren to some extent.

With the recent buff that all shooters received she also becomes more useful, attacking faster and its not only that, this Kallen has A Rank on water, this seems to be the great attractive of those units they are good  on a lot more terrains, making the knightmare frames more usable now, before this if you want to defend a ship from another shooter and where on water or space, the Code Geass units would not arrive there on time this forced the player to equip the unit with a part slot just to make them move faster on some terrains, so basically you had one less part slot compared to most reals. this is not a problem anymore

her normal attacks are the same as her other version, and her status are only sightly higher as well.

Guren Nishiki has only one Hisatsu:

Radiation Wave: Large damage against a single enemy on range and also penetrate barriers.

how much i hated this hisatsu on the original version of her before the buffs, it was bad, she dashed on the enemy field explode a enemy and sometimes stayed there shooting close range to be swarmed by enemies or other times doing nothing,sometimes she tried to return but since her unit was so slow on some terrains it toke a eternity.

with the new Kallen it don't happen a lot since she now moves a lot faster its also good to notice that Large dmg (400/800% modifier varies with skills in use) that break barriers are very rare i believe that only her and Mwu large dmg and also break barriers.

the problem is... there's no way to make her hit two enemies in a single attack, you will always hit one, so use this only as a finisher, its a single target focused mini nuke,you still have to make her retreat back to the backlines after the attack, so be sure to only use this when you know that the enemy will explode or when you have enough time to reposition your unit.


Guts ~ Large hp heal, this is quite good on her, her unit don't have a lot of HP and all versions of Kallen use this seishin a lot a least i like to use it a lot, it provides her more staying power in hard battles, now it might not be much of a issue since you can build a setup to try to doge stuff.

Iron Wall ~ Reduce all the dmg taken for a period of time, its a medium reduce of damage and i don't know the multiplier but if its like the super robot ones, its quite efficient, as its in all SRW games Kallen has a super robot pilot seishins.

Soul ~ Soul + a Large dmg hisatsu its a very nice combo, just save it for the right time


Likewise C.C. Kallen also received new skills on this version

- Piloting in a Swimsuit ~ this one provides a critical rate up, however it does decrease her attack speed, and its her first skill, so you have to learn the others, its not all that bad, since you can build her to do critical hits with parts and coins, and probably her leader skill will involve that

- Zero Corps Captain ~ when her hp its more than half, attack power up, and large increase in evade, this skill is good however Kallen has no seishin to help her dodge at all, so you best bet will always be the Archangel

- Radiation Barrier ~ reduce dmg against all attributes, i like barriers, you like barriers, everyone likes them, reals with barriers are awesome, reals with dodge skills and barriers are pretty awesome, and you can abuse this here if you try, on this event we have a C.C. coin that raises evade by a lot for example.

- Midsummer Coquettish ~ Kallen normal attacks blow enemies back a little, this is a normal thing for Blasters but not a normal thing on other shooters, and that's great, you can use it to stall time on bosses, if they're attackers/fighetrs or Blasters obviously, sometimes if a unit its already very close to Kallen it don't work for some reason, but most of the time it does.

and the code geass units are done.

[Image: fuieSRD.png]
Bet you didn't know that Hisatsus could crit huh? Sleepy  that's Kallen's dmg on that thing with no soul, like i said it hurts.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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