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Unit Review thread
And here we got again, people i'm getting tired of everyone around me talking about Pokemon Go, i turn on the TV its pokemon Go, i turn on the PC my e-mail has Pokemon Go!, now even my phone has Pokemon Go adds, i won't play you pokemon you are not a mech, go away >.<'

and while we are at it Summer Reviews Episode 3 ~ What? my seishins are different 
SSR ~ Zegapain Altair
Pilot ~ Ryoko Kaminagi (Summer 2016)
[Image: IPHlazL.png]

And here it is again Zegapain Altair, a thing on this summer base gacha its that all the units where pretty old units that received a retouch, for example Kallen gained more damage output and a basic attack that push enemies back, C.C. gained the best commander skill of the game when aboard Gawain, but i believe that we really don't needed a 3rd Zegapain shooter unit.

and for diversity they made Ryoko a short ranged shooter, with pretty good evasive options.

HoloBolt Pressure: Damage enemies on trough a straight line and break barriers, a good thing about this is that it hits 2 lines and not only one, also the damage multiplier its not bad 350% but she shoots 2 times, meaning that you hit a good amount of dps on the end.

Ryoko don't have the other Hisatsu that Kyo unit have, only this one.


Focus ~ needed. since she is a close range shooter she needs to dodge, in fact all her game is around dodging she is no Anemone or Eureka but it works as good or better for her.

Iron wall ~ well you might need this one if you prefer a more safe approach, it combos with her Holonic armor and allows her to tank for a BIG time on a wave.

Soul ~ good, and nice dmg on her already damaging Hisatsu


Celerity Lunt  ~ Evasion up

Holonic Armor ~ when hp its more than 1/3 reduce dmg against all attributes

Bushin + ~ when Ryoko hp reaches 50% she has a low probability of evade attacks with this skill, its a separated roll from her normal evade, so we are talking about a unit that has two chances of evade, i don't know how low is this low , but her boss version is annoying with this.

Midsummer Witch ~ when hp its more than 1/3 attack power up and hit rate up. (and i believed that this was only C.C. thing the witch theme)

All in All is a trade...

Ryoko have superior firepower compared to Kyo due to Midsummer Witch and the shorter attack interval that short range shooters have, she also can dodge efficiently with Bushin +. her hisatsu is spamable 2 cores for 350% x2 its not bad at all

on trade you lost a hisatsu, and the option to shoot from far, but still a good version of Zegapain Altair i just fell that we don't really needed a 3rd one on the same class, maybe she should have been a Blaster instead.

however the unit its not bad and i don't think that she is mediocre at all, you can make a setup for dodging and she can probably work there, all my experience with Ryoko on the event was on the lvl 99 mission and she proved herself a capable unit.

and no you can't deploy her and Kyo unit, at the same time, the same goes for C.C. and Lelouch units.

3 done, 3 to go, i will so not get Sayaka
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

More summer Reviews because well, they decided to do a weird summer x Godzilla movie collab event, we got 4 new evas a new unit, i will begin with the Evas.

but before that, as of today the reviews will try to take into consideration the Arena and Conquest modes, after all they're here to stay.

SSR ~ EVA 00
Pilot ~ Ayanami Rei (Summer 2016)
[Image: WJ8FvUL.png]

And we got a Attacker Rei, we had one before but it was a limited timed Valentines version of her, now its another limited time version, i don't own this unit so my comments and experience with it its using it as support, take this into consideration as well. Evas where always pretty strong on this game, we all know how the R version of Rei is useful and still probably the only R unit that most people still have on the garage, this is a revamped version of Unit O

Different from the summer event part 1, the units here have no A Rank on Ocean terrains, but still need help on space, they own 3 part slots like every other unit.

Rei highly benefits herself from armor parts due do her last skill, AT field LVL2, heal + average armor for a super, she is a attacker build around survival, pretty much like the defender one.

The Hisatsu is still the same:

Fighting (Combo):
this uses 2 cores, does medium damage to a single enemy, while the range is good, she will stop on the first enemy, it does quite a good damage, since Rei does somehow 4 hits, but its nothing to write home about you won't be using her for this.

they should have swapped this hisatsu, Rei Hisatsu its not a nuke and its not a line cleaner, she even CAN hit more than one enemy if she menages to destroy the first one on the dash the shoots will hit the others on the line and that's how i do use this attack.

Her seishins are exactly the same as the all other versions of her we all know that its pretty good, and one of the best healers of the game we don't need to go there all over again.

among the passives  we find some interesting things:

AT Field LVL 2 ~ Reduce the dmg of all attributes, this skill is very useful on PVP, its a great passive, Rei AT Field its probably the harder to break since she has a the better armor rating among the other 2 Eva girls, you can abuse this on PVP with the right setting.

Umbilical Cable ~ A great skill and one of the skills that makes the evas very important, they give you a core, and its not only that, you receiving a core from a useful and strong unit, meaning that on conquest mode you can supply cores for harder stages using the Eva units, this make things there extremely easier.

Favorite Swimsuit ~ this is one of those unit skills for limited units, it greatly incrase the damage of the Hisatsus, the increase its about 10%, sadly Rei lack Hot blood or soul to make the skill greater.

Guard Up ~ Like Touya Rei can sometimes "guard" attacks, it happens with the At field and she takes no dmg or very little.

still the best healer of the game, now on another class if you got her nice, she can supply cores, survive, heal and still do more damage than her defender version, however she lacks a leader skill, i don't know how she does on the Arena mode , but for conquest mode it looks great.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(07-21-2016, 11:28 AM)Mai Wrote: Midsummer Witch ~ when hp its more than 1/3 attack power up and hit rate up. (and i believed that this was only C.C. thing the witch theme)

Great reviews Mai ! Keep them up . Also I wanted to comment on this , Ryoko being a witch has something to do with Zegapain lore . A Zegapain usually has 2 pilots , the sub-pilot is usually known as a wizard, but in Ryoko's case she's slightly special so she's classified as a witch instead of a wizard .
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never watched Zegapain so would't know about Ryoko :O

More summer units.

SSR ~ Hainherm
Pilot ~ Olive Oppert
[Image: hrarxgn.png]

Olive was out on the last event she was a limited time unit, and a reward unit for some players, at first i didn't gave her too much credit but decided to raise it anyway and she turned out pretty decent.

Olive pilots the second Banpresto Original unit from XOMG, the Heinherm in fact its a mass product model, so there's a bunch of them, there's also a SR version of the unit that follows, the SR version have similar status if you full upgrade and level it, it has about 1000 less attack and 1100 less hp of course it can't use the leader skill, so it has different seishins, here i will focus on the SSR one for now.

Its Hisatsu called Plasma Chain Sword Dance:

its a dash attack and does medium damage to a unit, Olive hit the enemy 3 times, its not very spectacular on the regular game mode, since we can't guarantee the critical damage, things change of course if you cast a burst seishin before it, the low damage of Olive hisatsu and her strange leader skill don't make her a great squad leader.

on the Arena mode, Plasma Chain Sword Dance its different, and does 110 % x2 + 220% of Olive attack on damage, and if your enemy is still alive after it. the attack can inflict status effects with 10% of chance for 1 turn.

[Image: GAB7I8O.png]
Olive Seishins also makes her a great sub for any team, her low cost and usability make her viable on almost all situations that you need some attacker with a heal or dodge seishin, this means that yeah you can use Olive as your main attacker on a team she do the job.(however don't expect her to burst things!)

Hot Blood ~ same as always (40% dmg increase when maxed on both modes)

Trust ~ medium heal the hp of a single unit, this will heal the unit that toke more dmg on the field, it will heal half the unit hp, and you can't aim it, so use it with care, since Olive is a attacker there's the probability that she will use it on herself if you're not build her right.

on the Arena Trust also gives Olive 30% heal and has a 4 turn cooldown, meaning that you can heal with efficiency.

Flash ~ large increase the evade of all the units on the field, on the Arena the increase is of 50% for all units around Olive and she and has 5 turns cooldown

so now we go to the passives, as we can see Olive is more of a sub that support a dodge team to stay alive, her flash is the best dodge skill on the game till now, and that's something.


Infight ~ increase attack power (10%)

Special Skill Enhancement ~ Incrase Hisatsu power (no this don't help her much is a little incrase on the dmg output)

Kengeki combat adjustment ~ incrase hit rate and evade.(25%)

and for those lucky enough to get two Heinherm's you get to unlock its best skill

Hard worker Encouragement ~ this skill is awesome on paper its a command skill that increase the attack power of all the units on the field, and also increase their hit rate. (15%) by the exact same amount that Haman,Char and Oldrin increase their respective types, Olive its perfect to command a team of multi types if you can level break her that is.

so in fact the full potential of this unit is locked behind a level break. this take out a little of the value of the unit, but even without her awesome last skill she is a valuable sub on any team, the low cost and good power output put her above average, great addiction to your hangar max her Asap.

Fix her artwork Terada i can't see the mech! Ò_Ò lol

Edit: Engrish fix,hey at least i tried @_@
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Yeah, one thing I hate about the SSR Heinhelm is that in order to unlock Olive's final ability in Unit Quest Mode, she needs to be at Level 65. That means you either try to get a second Heinhelm either in the Special Gacha if you get your hands on Olive as a Pilot Part, or go for the Limit Break Crystal in the Arena.
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i'm aiming to unlock that skill using the Medal Exchange its too good to be without it, the dmg output by combo command skills like that with the SSR Support coins are very great sometimes we can reach a 25%/35% increase.

also she is the only commander besides C.C that works for Blasters and Fighters,it was unfair that Heiherm best skill is locked behind arena grinding
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Hey New units and i got something this time, so i will do a basic write up, as always i only do these with units with full skills unlocked and units that i got to play and experiment a little.

SSR ~ Dixneuf
Pilot ~ L'arc Merk Mar
[Image: 1QDhxRp.png]

And here we have her, i actually like L'arc on Diebuster, as you all probably already noticed all the new units are a little on the "different" side of the stuff, and most of them need setups to work properly i will go as far to tell that Buster Machine 7 and Yoko are not good units for starters since most starters will lack resources to make them work at full potential.

This don't affect L'arc to the same extent as the other 3 new units.


Buster Gator (3 Cores) ~ Dixneuf dash against 1 enemy and damages it its medium damage this means our 500% modifier, its not a lot of damage however it does the job, L'arc don't have any seishin to help her burst, she its not made to that, if you want burst someone with a defender you want Noriko not her.


Intuition ~ For a large period of time, hit rate up, large evasion up.

well she might be needing this skill on the arena since her mobility its pretty bad, on the regular game mode, i really don't understand why she don't got hotblood instead.

Courage ~ For a period of time, attack power up, defense up.

this seishin is good and basic, you increase her attack, increase her defense, and this helps Dixneuf does what it does better, tank damage, so its a pretty good choice.

Bonds ~ Release all allies of, Slow,Combustion and Darkness.

and a new one, i never saw this, and hey its pretty nice there's a lot of annoying unit and those are the worse status effects, having this its always handy.


Patience ~ Large armor up

Inheritance of Buster Machine ~ Armor up in the enemy area

Buster Shield ~ Reduce damage of all attributes

Strongest of the topless ~ attack up (stacks until 5) when she is attacked 5 times

L'arc skills are tank, she is all build around that, her last skill its pretty good, and you need to be on the field for little time for it to activate.

L'arc can work well with the ship that raises defense, and defense parts, you will basically be using her against anything minus attackers of course, as i said before she is a unit that don't need a lot of setup, she is made to tank and do it very well.

as of note L'arc don't have her leader skill out,and that will change her seishins, that will probably add Hotblood to it because srly she deserves it.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Her finisher is "Buster Gator", not "Buster Gate".
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oh thanks fixed now \o
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Round two is Yoko time, since its a unit that I've perceived that some people don't quite liked when got her and its understandable why, however you're mistaken, Yoko is a great shooter Smile

meet Yoko the woman who like everything in her life to be a critical absurd.

SSR ~ Yoko M Tank
Pilot ~ Yoko
[Image: 6mgCxJl.png]

Mine is not finished this are not her finished status, i'm just lazy to search for other Yokos on the friendlist since it have a lot more Nono's now.

OK, and here we are for the second new unit review, Yoko its a pretty trick unit, when i got her i had the reaction that everyone has "wow she looks bad, lol" then i looked at her skills and gone "wow she is actually very good".

however like i posted before Yoko needs a setup to work, with the right setup you will be doing a ridiculous amount of damage even outside the event, for start about half of Yoko skills are taken right out of Tekai Lockon, yeah i'm not kidding you.


Super conducting riffle (1 core) ~ (what is a conducting riffle guys whatever lol ) it does low damage, however it hits all the enemies on the line, and the interesting thing about it? it have a low probability of inflicting darkness.

this hisatsu by itself its spamable to kill normal enemies, for example you are being overwhelmed by enemies want to take out a line but don't want to waste 2 or 3 cores, so you can just fire that, and recover even more than a single core from it, however she won't be nuking anyone with this, we can even say that its a bad Hisatsu or maybe not?


Guts ~ 50% recover of your Hp

i do like guts, a lot of time i let my shooters trading hits with enemy shooters for that i value this skill a lot.

Bulletproof ~ for a certain period of time reduce enemy damage.

and yeah the M Tank has a decent armor to use this, sure she is not L'arc, but she is tough for a shooter.

Sniper ~ Hit rate up, large critical rate up.

you will be using this seishin when you want to use Yoko, she need this to do the most of her dmg, and it will increase a lot of her damage due to her passives.


Gun Fight ~ attack power up, hit rate up

Snipe ~ large damage up against enemy afflicted by status effects

Mood Maker ~ Critical magnifier up

Key point hitting the target ~ Grants a High probability of inflicting darkness if land a critical hit.

and thing is Yoko land a whole lot of critical hits if you're set her right, she will crit some enemy, blind it, them receive a large increase in damage, and keep hitting crits because you will cast her 3rd seishin, basically all the bonus together make up for her low attack and low damage hisatsu.

as you can see a different unit, totally based on crit to inflict high damage,

Yoko Setup:

Much like Touya and Granteed, this unit also needs some "fixes"


Critical up 7%
Critical up 3%

Support Coin:

SSR Chidori if you're confident that you're landing criticals enough it raise damage.(10%)

SSR Tessa if you're not confident that you're hitting that many crits (10%)

SSR Sayla/Kaworo  works efficiently as well.


Red Ship that raise critical hit rate (10%)

that's 30% out of the setup + 10 of her passive, this means about half of Yoko shoots are critical hits.

oh on the Arena mode Yoko Hisatsu has 50% Critical change yeah you read it right on the Hisatsu, her hisatsu Crits, it can crit on the normal mode as well.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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