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Unit Review thread
Guess I might as well give my thoughts on the Getters.

[Image: 13500025.jpg]


Max Stats after Limit Break:

HP  13370
ATK 10070
DEF 7160
AGI 5780

Getter Tomahawk - (Normal/Conquest Mode) 2 Cores; 1x3 range and deals moderate damage
- (Arena Mode) 2 Cores; Targets only 1 Enemy; Deals 50% damage twice and reduces enemy's Action Gauge by 45%

Getter Beam - (Normal/Conquest) 2 Cores; 2x3 range and deals moderate damage; can break Barriers
- (Arena Mode) 3 Cores; T-Formation range; deals 220% damage

Hot Blood

Fighting  Spirit - (Normal/Conquest) If HP is above 2/3, raise ATK
- (Arena Mode) If HP is above 2/3, raise ATK by 20%

Dog Fighter - (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Accuracy if fighting on Land
- (Arena Mode) Increase Dodge Rate by 20%, increase Action Gauge Speed

Guts - (Normal/Conquest) if HP is below 1/3, raise DEF
- (Arena Mode) if HP is below 1/3, DEF is doubled

Getter Wing - (Normal/Conquest) Increase Movement Speed
- (Arena Mode) Increase ATK by 20%, increase Action Gauge Speed

A Taiki unit with the potential to be a tanker if conditions are right. I just don't like the fact you can't assign Ryoma's Pilot Part on this one, which means accuracy can be an issue if fighting highly agile units. Other than that, it's not to be underestimated just because it's a basic unit you can actually get off the Base Gacha as the 40% boost to ATK means it can bring in a lot of hurt.

[Image: 13600015.jpg]
Getter Dragon

Max Stats after Limit Break:

HP  10490
ATK 5790
DEF 5050
AGI 4655

Shine Spark - (Normal/Conquest Mode) 3 Cores; 3x3 range and deals large damage
- (Arena Mode) 3 Cores; 3x3 range; Accuracy up 30%; deals 210% damage; ignores Guard

Hot Blood

(with Pilot Part):
Sure Hit
Hot Blood

Dog Fighter - (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Accuracy if fighting on Land
- (Arena Mode) Increase Dodge Rate by 20%, increase Action Gauge Speed

In-Fighting - (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Movement Speed
- (Arena Mode) Raise ATK by 10%, increase Action Gauge Speed

Mach Wing - (Normal/Conquest) Greatly Raise ATK and Movement Speed
- (Arena Mode) Increase ATK by 20%, increase Action Gauge Speed

Getter Ray Amplification - (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK for every enemy defeated
- (Arena Mode) Start Battle with 1 extra core

Not a Taiki unit, but it has served me well in the Arena Mode since the whole thing started. Guess that's why this unit's been nerfed a lot. The Shine Spark used to ignore virtually every special defense, and now can only ignore Guard. This is also the only unit Ryoma's Pilot Part can be assigned to, which includes the ever crucial Sure Hit seishin when dealing with high AGI units. Just don't expect to hit units that have Bunshin like the Billvine and F-91.

I could be wrong, but any unit assigned as a Guardian will have its Hissatsu always hit and deal full damage, irregardless of any special defenses against it. So if Dragon is assigned as a Guardian, the Shine Spark will hit and may even ignore Bunshin. Again, I'm not 100% on this.
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Event its near its end, so lets go reviewing :O

SSR: Lancelot Frontier
Pilot: C.C.
[Image: GZeCg7T.png]

And Here we have the first Code Geass R2 unit that we can have access too, its our 3rd Lancelot this time a support unit, with not much to offer on attack but a lot to bring from the support perspective, some interesting skills and a effective kit on my opinion.

so lets go to it.


the MSV Dance, cause medium damage to a enemy on C.C, we are talking about or old 600% modifier remember? for C.C its a little difference, she hits for 750% on total on all her 3 attacks, while this looks pretty good to nuke something its not very efficient since the unit lacks attack power, but its also not too bad since its not Fa levels of bad like small damage to a single enemy.

Also the MSV Dance only use 2 cores, and that's nice.

[Image: I9I7RQf.jpg]

This is the damage of the first slash, the first and the second slash cause litte damage the last one have a much higher multiplier, she normally hits on neutral enemies for 4.5k/7k/10k.

doing a total of 21k of damage on a neutral target with no soul and that's not half bad at all, but before thinking its such a big damage remember that despite being a nice number it hits a single enemy, and its impossible to hit this on more than one enemy.

This Lancelot also don't suffers from the Code Geass units syndrome of having only 2 slots, her rates on terrains is A/A/A/B meaning that if its a space stage she will still struggle to move fast, that's the same Terrain Rates of Guren Seiten, and Lancelot Albion, the difference its that both Suzaku and Kallen have passives that allow them to move faster normally so on space they will just move on normal speed and C.C. will move like a slug so you might consider deploying Zechs.

her Seishins are still the same.

Iron wall

you should riase all the seishins you might need them all if you plan to use Lancelot Frontier on the Arena since its a pretty good unti to use there.


Loved by the Geass - Armor up on all the units save for your own, C.C. must be deployed like on all Command skills it don't work if she is not on the field i believe that the raise its about 5%

Calm - When the Hp its bellow 2/3, Amor Up, Hit rate Up and Evasion up.

Pizza Delivery - Wave Heal (heals about 400/500Hp for everyone)

Essence of the Pizza Woman (that's a strange name i give them that) - This skill its awesome, it gives 2 attacker core at the start of the battle, meaning that C.C its pretty meanie to fight against on the Arena allowing units like Tekai Lancelot Grail to instant BLOW enemies on turn 1.

not only that she also save lives on the Conquest mode where cores are very hard to come by, better yet deploying C.C. save you the trouble of deploying weak units to suicide to gives you a core.

i believe that she can find a place on any Attacker team, however to maximum effectiveness i would advise

- Char
- Olrdin
- C.C
- Tekai Attacker.

this will buff all your team attack and defense give them cores, give you a heal, and a lot of attack power.

i wanted to make the new Suzaku review since i believe that he is a awesome unit, but i couldn't get him, so Lelouch next Smile

and if you got Kallen of course she is good Tongue
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Notes on Lancelot Frontier in Arena Mode:

MVS Ranbu - Costs 2 Cores; Attacks one enemy; 120% damage x3; 15% of Stun for 1 Turn.

Loved by the Geass - Allies get 40% boost in Armor and increased Action Gauge Speed.
Calm - When HP is less than 2/3, increase Accuracy & Evasion by 20%.
Pizza Delivery - Heals 15% HP to all allies per turn (compare it to Marvel's ability, which is nerfed to 2%). Expect this to be nerfed in the future.
Essence of the Pizza Woman - Bonus ONE core (not two) at the start of battle.

At the moment, C.C. is the best Attacker-class Healer, with her only drawback being her stats as average at best with no special defenses. I would think of putting in V-Parts that focuses on HP and Armor to keep her alive and make use of her Seishin and Ability to keep my team alive in the Arena. For now best to make use of her until she is eventually nerfed.
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Here is the Arena print to help Ryouga post Smile

[Image: mdpSmP3.png]

EX skill:
[Image: 2DKcCzH.png]

20% dodge rate.

yeah i believe the parts parts for Lancelot Frontier would be armor parts, and the Iron Wall seishin, since she can cast that on every 4 turns you basically only pass 3 turns with no Iron wall
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

[Image: 19900075.jpg]

Heinhelm (Catalina)

Max Stats after Limit Break:

HP  8940
ATK 5780
DEF 4450
AGI 6370

Plasma Cannon - (Normal/Conquest Mode) 3 Cores; 6+ Squares Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage

- (Arena Mode) 1 Core; 3 Square Horizontal Range; 150% Damage and Ignores Bunshin; Reduces Target's Evasion by 30% for 2 turns

Inspiration - (Normal/Conquest) Greatly increases Accuracy and Evasion for all allies

- (Arena) For 1 turn, increase self and surrounding allies' Accuracy by 50%

Instinct - (Normal/Conquest) Greatly increases Accuracy and Evasion

- (Arena) Accuracy and Evasion is 100% for 1 turn

Dream (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Critical Hit Rate

- (Arena) For 1 turn, all attacks will produce Rainbow Cores

Gun Fight - (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Accuracy

- (Arena Mode) Raise ATK by 10%, Accuracy by 15%

Covering Fire Lv 2 (援護攻撃|Engou Kougeki) - (Normal/Conquest) If HP is above 2/3, greatly raise ATK

- (Arena Mode) If HP is above 1/3, increase ATK by 20%

Hoe* (ほへ|Hohe) - (Normal/Conquest) Raise Accuracy & Evasion

- (Arena Mode) Raise Accuracy by 30%; Increase Action Gauge Speed

Natural Threat (天然の脅威|Tenen no Kyoui) - (Normal/Conquest) Greatly increases damage against Attackers

- (Arena Mode) Increase DEF and Accuracy by 30%, and Criticial Hit Rate by 10% to all allies

EX Ability
For every turn, restore HP by 20% to an ally with the lowest HP remaining. (Requires Level 70 to activate)

*That's what I got off Google Translate and I get the impression it is what it is - Catalina's a hoe.

Decided to not do the same mistake again with the Lancelot Frontier and will go ahead and spend 90 Crystals on her just to activate her EX ability. (I realize I haven't played a single Challenge Mission, so I can get those back by playing those) She's quite a replacement for Tieria and Ple II as she greatly increases Accuracy to your team - something you need to have against the likes of Eureka, Chirico, and Suzaku in the Albion. Her Hissatsu will also help take care of Bunshin units, plus it costs only 1 Core for a decent amount of damage and reduces the enemy's Evasion rate. Set her up with any Shooter-class Super Robots like Combattler, J-Der, Grendizer, and Gunbuster, and you got quite an All-Shooter team that are also tankers, AND can hit accurately.

Catalina's downsides are her stats and doesn't have any special defenses. I personally would install Life and Armor V-Parts to compensate, but if I want to go high risk, I'd give her a full Scope set so she gets to hit more often.

On Normal and Conquest Mode, you'd want her in stages where you fight a full Attacker team thanks to her final ability. Since her abilities and seishins in Normal/Conquest are built mainly for power, I'd go for the Enhancement Parts that greatly raises ATK for maximum efficiency.
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For arena mode we probably have better options, but for normal game modes i found her a pretty good shooter with a lot of good utility skills
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I updated the first post with everything. Great work guys!
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Wondering if I should just give her my latest SSR Crystal to get her to 70. I managed to get the 30 crystals to get a second one this morning.

I might be able to pull a third via remaining crystals in Challenge missions, But I have no idea what they're even asking for.

EDIT: Hmm, looking at Oleev I'm tempted to get he final skill as well now...
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Dangeki made a tier with all the Taiki units:


S Rank:

- GaoGaiGar
- Tauburn
- Wing Zero Custom
- Lancelot Grail

A Rank:

- Van Ein (Shatte)
- Gurren

B rank

- Everything else.


S Rank:

- The-O
- Dancouga

A Rank:

- Eva 04 (Asuka)


S Rank:

- V Gundam
- Nono
- Grendizer
- Combatler V
- Voltes V

A Rank:

- Quebeley (Haman)

B Rank:

- Everything else

you can find it here:
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Arena Mode Thoughts on Taiki Units:

GGG has one of most insane DEF buffs ever and you need units that ignore those buffs AND a high ATK to do some real damage. Otherwise, you'll be spammed by the Guardian before you could even finish Guy off.

R2 Suzaku has an insane Dodge Rate and can be impossible to hit when all of its abilities are triggered.

Can't say much on Defenders since I get to kill them quite easily with the Getter Dragon. Blame on the fact they lack any mobility.

Nono and Combattler have the highest ATK rate of all the Taiki units, and Shooter Amuro can cause Darkness after using the Fin Funnels.
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