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Unit Review thread
And Datamine is out!

SSR: Brave
[Image: RhdLIK6.jpg]
Pilot: Grahan Arker
[Image: EVdGSAy.jpg]

~ BackGround ~
Pilot of the Earth Federation that used to call himself MR.Bushido with a wish to defeat the Gundams, his piloting skills are excellent and that made him commander of the Solvilies troops (on X-Omg this unit is composed by Dragoonar units and roadbuster)

Another event unit upon us this time a defender, you people might been wondering why i'm not macking those of the gacha SSR, its just because those not everyone get, the event units everyone have, so its better

Status at level 80:
HP - 9780
ATT - 5570
ARM - 4840
MOB - 5620

Total (HP + attack) - 15350

as you are wondering yeah Brave status are pretty bad for a defender, not only his armor is very low, but his hp its not impressive at all, for a comparative a lvl 80 Brave is still weaker on status than a lvl 65 Defender L'arc, maybe it was the price to pay for being a reward unit after 2 pretty good ones.

but not everything is lost for this unit, you might find some use for him on your teams.

- Triipanisher - Is a beam type Hisatsu that cause large dmg on opponents on brave line of fire, it don't look tha great, but when you max it and shoot the thing Brave hisastsu has a 800% multiplier, that's Taiki levels of multiplier and he is only hold down by his very low attack status, still it makes tons of gacha units looks terrible, even with his low attack Brave will outdamage Sinanju and Van Aus for example(with their skills turned off, of course), and this is the better thing about this unit.

its seishins are:


as for abilities Graham has a interesting one, but for starters he has a commander skill for defenders and its a lvl2 skill, this is a 10% raise on all defenders damage, and the optimal thing about it, this works  even when he is on the battleship, this is optimal since Brave status are not the best, you will probably just use him like Gawain to swap in and out of battle to gain time for you other units recover if needed, and while he is on the battleship he boost all your units.

When brave is shoot down he  gives a 8% buff to attack and evasion to all the units still alive on the field, looks great if you are running a team of all types, byt on a defender team you optimal thing is to left him alive.

on the Arena this unit is not very impressive at all.


C.C (Choco 2017)

its a very old unit that received a buff on the hisatsu and some cutin and they called it done, the haldron canon its 600%, Gawain attack is abyssal low like Brave, only hitting 5500 after full upgrades and lvl 80, the hisatsu cover a very nice area and she is good for that.

she also has two commander skills that works when she is on the battleship raising defenders attack by 10% just Like Graham


so overall if you don't have defender Oldrin (and chances are big that you don't since she is limited) those two are good for their commanding skills, i think Grahan offers a little more than C.C, since its more mobile and stuf, but both units work on a very similar form, get them in the battleship, get out hisatsu something, battleship again.


Choco Olive (2017)

she is centered around dodge, but surprise Heiherm mobility is just 5k so good luck dodging.

her skill makes other units receive dodge up, and that's nice ,it don't work on herself and also don't work when she is on the battleship.

the Hisatsu does the same dmg as OG Olive one, it has a higher multiplier but less hits so whatever, if you really love the character and don't have the OG Olive you might want it Smile
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