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Unit Review thread
(10-18-2017, 02:10 PM)Mattman324 Wrote: His main problem in normal mode that I've noticed is his really goddamn slow attack animation.  Because he doesn't move much faster than other attackers, but they just swing a limb - Kyosuke does that and then further fires the Revolving Bunker, which takes time.

He's almost at Defender tier attack speed just for that.

If his attack speed is the same as the SR then he attacks 5 times per 10 seconds. That's the slowest attack speed in the game.
(10-18-2017, 03:27 PM)srw785 Wrote: If his attack speed is the same as the SR then he attacks 5 times per 10 seconds. That's the slowest attack speed in the game.

It is the same, so yeah.
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Yes he face his problems, overall his attack speed its also a problem in stacking his ability.

you expected Excellen but its her Ryuune!

[Image: YP8do1P.jpg]
SSR: Valsione R
Pilot: Ryuune Zoldark (insane woman that its a relationship that only exists on her mind)
Class: Attacker
Function: Combo Nuker

This is Ryuune second unit the first one was the welfare Valsione R with the Cross Smasher, now she received the proper Taiki unit that she deserves, Valsioune R pack a not extraordinary pack of things but there's some things that she can do and i find her interesting.

This is Valsione Status Maxed

Hp + Attack = 22990
HP - 13110
Attack - 9880
Armor - 4940
Mobility - 10270

As we can see here she have nothing on buffed Taikis, her numbers are not impressive by looking at them, they seems...simple enough, Taikis released one year ago already packed similar numbers, her attack even need the full buff bonus to reach 10k, her armor its pretty weak not even 5k, but that's true to the souce material, Ryuune unit its not durable on Masou Kishin, and i loved that they reflected it here somehow, the mobility its fair game.

right now you might be wondering, why her attack is so low? well...

Ryuune attacks 8 times on a 10 seconds interval, she have a good DPS despite her attack being a little lower than normal she is a little faster than normal, other units like Taiki Kallen reach this impressive DPS on normal attacks as well, but i don't have others to compare right now, this was done with the game normal speed. (someone correct me on this if my tests where somehow off)


Engetsu Sappou 3 cores - Dashing Combo attack, barrier penetration. (1200%)

Engetsu Sappou its strong, it does a ridiculous huge damage if you menage to hit everything, there's factors on it tough...first its that, its a single target hisatsu, second its that its most likely some hits will crit, and lastly, the last hit packs the stronger attack of all the combo, unfortunately this Hisatsu does not stop time, so Ryuune will not become MPV of 26B, she can also helps tough, the boss don't heal while being hit, and Ryuune hisatsu have quite a long animation so you might take the opportunity to shoot more hisatsus that are faster than hers and proc a lot of dmg, however i won't list her on 26B, simple because alone she can't do it.


Focus - since the unit its quite frail there's a point on using this seishin

Fighting Spirit - long time, little attack up, medium armor up.

i don't think that Fighting spirit its a good seishin on this game, sure it last a LOT, and apparently her OMG version of it even heals for a bit, but if you don't level it might not be worth to use, since Valsioune armor its quite inexistent for the content that you need her anyway

Guts - now we are talking, use this one.

Medium seishin set with one good and two moderate to bad seishins.


DML System - Critical Magnifier increase (50% i think)

This means that when Ryuune crits, naturally her crits will proc more dmg than other units, all her abilities are focused on her doing crits to do her damage, she can reach high numbers of crits sometimes , however critical based units are based on range, and she might fail you when you most need her dmg to crit.

Illusion - Dodge normal attacks at low probability

i don't know how low is low, but this thing procs quite a bit.. its a good ability but as everything that she does its also luck based.

Indispensable Helper - gives 2 attacker cores.

Ero Drama Mania (????? i think its referring to her delusions and how easy she does it) - this is a unlockable ability, at each use of Engetsu Sappou Ryuune gets + 10% attack power and her critical magnifier increases even more, meaning that every Hisatsu will be stronger than the previous one, it stacks till 50%, its pretty hard to do it, she begins with 2 cores of her type and you can shoot one right away, i think that 30% its a reasonable number of stacks that she can reach before the battle is over.

Overall Valsione R its a fun unit to use, she its not overpowered or game changing but she does fun things, and reach fun numbers sometimes, its not a indispensable unit to have around but if you got her she does carry herself on any attacker team.


Engetsu Sappou 3 cores

50% Hit Rate up, 100% invalid armor,100% invalid barriers, 4 hits of 50% + 100% last hit (total off 300%) + 50% seal hisatsus for 2 turns

right now i'm asking myself "armor why?" everyone seems to hate armors now, and Ryuune hate them more than others, Engetsu Sappou its strong on (vs) and with a little help from her focus Ryuune can reach +80% hit rate, leaving Eureka with 20% dodge(takin into account Ryuune passives) only you need only a commander or pilot part that gives her a huge aim increase on (vs) and she can take out Eureka, it don't meters if all the hits don't proc if half the hisatsu hits its already done, problem is.. you have to survive till you turn arrive.

DML System gives her Evasion and Aim + 50% + 500 speed, increase guard by 80%

this is one of those "please let me move?" abilities buffed, the guard its actually nice since Valsioune is frail.

Illusion - 70% of dodging enemy attacks

Indispensable Helper - This is Ryuune team buff, its not as strong as the other 4 that exists, she gives 50% armor to everyone, and hit rate to everyone and status resistance + 30%, and speed all the units by 200.

the good thing is... there's no restriction this works with any unit, even if you use this on OMG Mazinkaiser he will gain +50 armor.

Troll Skill - when Ryuune avoids a attack... the regenerate 20% of her HP and generate a rainbow core, this is basically what attacker Eureka as about when arena started, however Ryuune has bushin... now we have several units that ignore bushin, among them Eureka and Anemone, but even if you can't use on (vs) Arena, it will still be very usefull on battle more and conquest (vs)

EX Skill: Gives a attacker core.

Overall a ok unit, passable Taiki with a lot of rng backing it up her damage, however when she does her thing and it works her performance its quite great, but i can't say that she is top of anything Ryuune its probably the weaker unit of the 4 on the banner, but there's good things about her as well! so don't be sad if you got her, she is the bigger critter on the game for sure.

but as you can see Ryuune has no way to increase her critical rate only her critical dmg, so you need to fix by deploying Ships and equipping her with coins and parts that enable her crit, if you equip her right and make her crit constantly she does a ridiculous huge damage, she is sure a hard hitter, and its not to be underestimated.

she is a independent unit, she don't need another unit to fix some problem to be great.
she will for sure see use on Conquest (VS) as a dodge tanker
She is funny :O

Curiosity: Ryuune its the only pilot of this banner to not have a Pilot Part yet.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Ryune was my second most wanted unit from this scamcha Undecided .

(10-19-2017, 09:14 AM)Mai Wrote: Ryuune attacks 8 times on a 10 seconds interval, she have a good DPS despite her attack being a little lower than normal she is a little faster than normal, other units like Taiki Kallen reach this impressive DPS on normal attacks as well, but i don't have others to compare right now, this was done with the game normal speed. (someone correct me on this if my tests where somehow off)

I just did a test, she attacks 5.5 times per 10 seconds same as Granzon. I did it at the lowest speed, since that's the speed that Udon/Dengeki uses for this test.
Now you where waiting Masaki huh? wrong again! its Excellen time  

SSR: Rain Weissritter
Pilot: Excellen
Class: Shooter
Function: Super Buffer,controler,vomiting cores
[Image: AFRKAHh.jpg]

Excellen was one of the most wanted units on this banner pretty much like Eureka and Anemone, Kyosuke, Excellen also bring the new supper buff leadership skills, making arena (vs) battles more manageable, while still a pretty strong units and much like Alt Eisen Riese caring the best traits of all the best shooters of the game, Weissritter also has some short comings that you need to address.

HP + Attack 22580
HP = 12510
Attack =10070
Armor = 6120
Mobility =12740

as we can see on total Excellen numbers are astonishing, not only she has a medium armor but her mobility is exceptional, her high status however pay a price, Rein Weisrriter Hp its pretty low on balance her attack is a little better than Taiki Wing Zero, its marginally the same as the others, regular base status here, save for her mobility.

what i can say to you is.. equip her with the A and S adapter to make her reach S rank on both terrains and you will have the faster shooter of the game in terms of moving.

Excellen attack interval its the regular one for shooters nothing impressive here.


Howling Launcher - E Mode (2 cores)

Small damage to all enemies on line (700%) she shoots 7 times.

and no this is not a bad Hisatsu, different from her brother Setsuna, that shoots 6 times single and has no passtrough , Excellen shoots will fly toward the first enemy and if he is destroyed or not hit the ones behind him, for that she pays a price of having a low modifier, however if you build her right.. you will do damage with this thing, and i will get onto that latter.



Awakening - This is a interesting Seishin, Weissritter increase attack power by each enemy hit, if you can shoot faster you can stack you attack faster, so its not a total loss of a seishin for her.


looks like when they where developing these units they said "hey what about we make horrible seishins for everyone?" that's was a great idea, ok we have 1 good seishing again,  its not that the seishins are bad, but they are all on the wrong unit, its not like using love will make Excellen hit stronger, so you are better off eqquiping her pilot part that has a nuking one that increase her critical rate and you NEED that.


Backup Support

attack power and dodge greatly increased (10%) yeah its annoying to hit this unit normally.


Every time you hit a enemy increase you attack power, it stacks slowly and goes up to 50%, full stacked Rain Weissritter reaches 16000 of attack, you need 50 hits to stack this, its a lot and not many maps will need all this firepower, however to make things faster, Excellen attacks passtrough enemies much like Wing Zero and Grendizer, so if there's 3 enemies in line it counts as 3 hits, its not a easy task so i will give her the discount of 30 stacks on a normal map.

High Mobility

Avoid ordinary attacks with medium probability

i don't know how much is medium probability but..she dodges quite a lot here. and remember its just normal attacks hisatsus will hit normally or that bombs on the maps etc.

Shotting sense (unlockable)

This is your better friend here combined with Hit&Away you should build her around these two abilities, expecting the best things of both worlds there will be many enemies to be hit.

On the end Weissritter is a reliable shooter for the normal game mode, its one of the strongest shooters on the game on the moment and its quite versatile on what it does, however there's nothing that she can do that you can't do with other units, save for dodge a lot, on normal mode no sharking throne for Kira and due to her bad seishin set Excellen reaches a impressive 3rd place as best shooter of the game, don't think that's little, there's many many strong shooters its the class that you are more troubled to be in, but she is simple too versatile and that's incredible and fun.



pretty much like Kyosuke here Excelen is the shooter queen, but she also face problems similar to that of her boyfriend but on another status...


100% Hit hate, ignore bushin, 40% of putting enemies into darkness state, speed up Excellen by 500 for 2 turns (8 hits, 300%)

Seishins are all bad, take the pilot part one with the critical hit.

+80% accuracy and critical magnifier, speed up + 1000, when the battle begins adds 8k of hp.

yes this makes her faster than Anemone, and yes she can one shoot Anemone, however if Eureka is in you need Kyosuke or no deal.

Every time that Excellen crits on hisatsu, her attack ignore armor 100%, and generates a rainbow core 60% of the time.

that's a vital part of her kit, you need to pay attention that as impressive as it looks and as ridiculous as it sounds Weissriter face problems, and that is.. Excellen thing is... do ridiculous critical dmg, she really hits for ridiculous numbers, however.... she don't have how raise her critical rate, just the magnifier so you need someone to raise the rate for her its not as bad as with Kyosuke, but its still pretty bad because this one its a incredible ability that you want! the 100% armor ignore its too good to pass, so try you best, i did with V parts and units to help her but i didn't really had a chance to try Excellen on high level content yet

High Mobility:

now you must be asking yourself, "but what's the point if i'm faster than Anemone don't Eureka will pulverize me aniway?" no she won't because... of this.

when Excellen hp is full she has 100% of chance to evade enemy attacks, this stacks with seishins and other skills, take note that units that cast a seishin to 100% hit you, will block this and try to hit you normally, its a little of a pain to stay full health to make this trigger... i would have preferred a Ange like bushin  

Shooting Sense:

Critical magnifier,Attack power and hit rate of allies that don't have any ability raising those and are of the Defender,Fighter or Attacker class, are increased by: 50% magnifier and attack power, and 100% hit rate.

this is a pretty strong super buff, it make some normal units like Kusuha do damage that surpass some taikis unit, fortunately or unfortunately Excellen teams now don't have many strong units to use this on, i didn't checked if it works with the new fighter GGG,but as the list goes on growing on the future be sure to check your units to build a team, even units that have 5k attack will have 7.5k, things that have difficulty to hit targets will begin hitting them, right now mostly old units can be used, they are really weak units, but you can use Kusuha/Excellen/Attacker Xan and make the other 2 with whatever since the other options are Quan't and Roadbuster (shooter)

concluding all Excellen its a very impressive shooter, and probably one of the best units to get if you're into (Vs) battle system a lot just pay attention to your hangar and build a team, there's nothing that i can say that its done wrong here, she is not exactly over powered, to make her strong you need a lot of build up and several units can one shoot her i think that it was a very good add to the roster, just fix the critical rate, since all her kit revolves around her doing critical dmg, and she has no way to increase the rate, on normal game play you can use coins and ships and that's covered, on (Vs) V parts and seishins, luckly she has one at least that you can save for your Hisatsu turns. (CD is short)
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