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General questions
So now Shooter Combattler is the most powerful unit? I liked it the way it was, these rankings change on almost a daily basis.
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anyone knows how to use olive rainbow ticket?
the google translate said that it's kinda like a guaranteed ssr
Has anyone confirmed this yet?
On page


If I am not wrong, if we have a unit with the same name, rarity and pilot, we can limit break them with other same unit, rarity and pilot of different type.

Nevermind. I try to limit break my SR Defender Blitz with SR Shooter Blitz and it works.
I didn't know you could do that. I wonder if I should feed my Defender Tauburn to my Attacker one to make it 70.
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So. Omega Quartz chunks? I think it was mission rewards from the Raid. Any info one what these will be for?
"same name, rarity, and pilot".
Hmm.... do we have a variety of SSR like that? I think it benefits more to SRs.
Tauburn, Mazinger Z, Combattler V, Voltes V, Exia, and probably more.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
i added my defender tauburn ssr to feed to my attacker ssr and it displays that it can be used to limit break it, altho i wont do it Big Grin

guys..., is that attacker mazinger from the s-shards worth it? the dengeki wiki says it can get 29k overall power..., guess its outdated? thats the one right?

about the ssr were choosing from if we get the last bonus from the twitter, i REALLY hope theyre not from the pool of the R+ system xD, that would be lame....
No, that's seems to be the outdated info indeed.
Going by the new system, the new overall power for that Mazinger is 15520.
dang, i will skip then xD, i dont really see good reason for those units at 750 chips.......

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